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  • You Me At Six Releases New Album “Truth Decay”: Streaming

  • British rock band You Me At Six, consisting of Josh Franceschi (vocals), Max Helyer (rhythm guitar), Chris Miller (lead guitar), Matt Barnes (bass) and Dan Flint (drums), released their eighth studio album “Truth Decay” on February 10, 2023.

    The album comprises 13-track, featuring guest appearances from Rou Reynolds andCody Frost.
    It is their first album in two years since the 2021 album “Suckapunch”.
    The band recorded the album at Black Rock Studios in Santorini with producer Dan Austin.
    “We drew on inspiration from not only our peers in the period of 2006-2012, but also our own records from then as well,” the band frontman Josh Franceschi said of the album. “We began to look back on all the things that made us want to be in a band in the first place and we wanted to make an album that came slightly easier to us. On previous albums, we'd been in the pursuit of a challenge but this time around it was simple if a song didn't make us jump round the room, we weren't using it.”
    He continued, “'Truth Decay is an honest depiction of my equilibrium and I. Trying to find the good in bad moments. I think music should make you feel like it was written specifically for you. Ultimately, that's when a song really connects. When it hits you in feels but sparks a sense of euphoria also.”
  • Josh Franceschi explained of some tracks for the album.

    “'Deep Cuts' is about being on the outside looking in on people in your circle who are going through pain or a bad moment by being with the wrong person. Suffering because they're holding onto someone or something that they could let go of. Knowing that they would be more than fine on the other side of it, but convincing them of that is easier said than done. Hoping they will eliminate the trauma by moving past it as quick as possible”.

    “Mixed Emotions (I Didn't Know How To Tell You What I Was Going Through)”
    “Mixed Emotions (I didn't know how to tell you what I was going through). That's what this short film is about. We wanted to challenge the stigma that surrounds toxic masculinity & why it plagues so many households & so many relationships. It's not always easy to tell someone what it is you're going through but It is paramount to try. Trying to understand each other's differences, trying to grow & trying to exhibit more empathy. Watch it, share it, take better care of each other.”

  • “No Future? Yeah Right” featuring Rou Reynolds
    “'No Future? Yeah Right' is a song that focuses in on breaking the chain of a negative cycle. Sometimes we find ourselves under the spell of others' insecurities & if you let people hurt you, they will. Nothing is more disappointing than discovering someone's true colours and them being dark. Getting our long-time friend Rou to lend his skills to our angst and defiance made the song that much more profound.”

    “'heartLESS' was a song we've been sitting on for years knowing it would always come out. It's a song about feeling insecure and yet accepting of whatever may come. I wrote this song about someone close to me in the middle ground of a break up and falling in love.”

    “Dopamine is the body's feel-good chemical, it's responsible for allowing you to have pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. This song is about someone being that for you, making you feel good, making you feel alive.”

    Background photo by Glen Bollard
  • source : Apple Music
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