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  • Glass Animals Releases New Song “A Tear In Space (Airlock)”

  • British indie rock band Glass Animals, consisting of Dave Bayley (vocals/guitar), Drew MacFarlane (guitar), Edmund Irwin-Singer (bass) and Joe Seaward (drums), released the second single called “A Tear In Space (Airlock)” from their upcoming fourth studio album “I Love You So F***ing Much” on June 7, 2024.

    The new album is set to be released on July 19, 2024, and comprises a 10-track.
    The song is accompanied by a music video directed by Taylor Fauntleroy and Drew Kirsch.
    The track was written and produced by Dave Bayley.

    Dave Bayley said of the song in a statement., “A 'Tear in Space (Airlock)' explores a love that is all consuming, forcing you to bend and stretch yourself around the other person to the point where you lose yourself, stretched so thin, squashed so small, you are almost invisible.”
  • He said of the video, “The roses, the dining table, the candles and the suit are all symbols of love and care. All juxtaposed by a big cold scientific machine made of blades that can only blow things away and destroy. The blades get faster as you get closer. It peels the layers off you until there are none left, and then it stretches you and pulls you apart until you're obliterated. The irony I guess is that even if you do manage to push through the wind and make it to the core of the beast, it just chops you to bits anyway!”

  • Directors Taylor Fauntleroy and Drew Kirsch said, “This concept really began with Dave's idea to get himself in a wind tunnel and throw things at him, which sounded great until we realised we might kill him and/or get sued. That led to us to really work to visualise the emotional experience of A Tear in Space and find abstract techniques to tell this story which is about trying to get close to someone who's pushing you away and tugging and pulling at you until you lose your identity entirely. We did also get to throw some things at Dave which was a highlight.”

    Background photo by Drewby Perez
  • source : Apple Music
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