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  • Leela Releases Debut Song “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Leela Holt, aka Leela has released a debut song “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You”.
    The track was produced by Ryan Worsley and David Ziehr.
    The song features R&B vibe sound. Leela Holt said, “I've had a lot of loss in my life. A lot of moments spent at rock bottom. Through that, though, have come lessons & a deeper understanding of myself. This song is a vulnerable and brutally honest look at these dark times where I was heartbroken & grieving.
    "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" is intense & unsettling, yet I hope you can feel empowerment through that sadness.”
    She has already filmed the music video for the song, which will be premiered on April 13th.
  • She shared, “I never used to understand the significance of roses. 🌹 Why we surround ourselves with them at both weddings & funerals. Why we offer them to people who are in pain... as well as to those who are in love. Maybe it's because being in love & being in pain are closer than we'd like to believe. After all, most of us at one point or another have been so blinded by a rose… 🥀 that we've failed to notice the sharp, intrusive thorns about to slice into our fingers.
    That’s a poem I wrote, which you'll hear in my music video on April 13th for my new single.”
  • source : SoundCloud
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