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  • Hazlett Releases New Song “Bones Shake”

  • Sweden-based Australian folk singer-songwriter Hazlett released a new song “Bones Shake” on April 19, 2024 via Nettwerk.

    The song is his first music since the 2023 EP “Goodbye to the Valley Low”, which was released last December.
    The track was written by Fredrik Häggstam, and Mitchell Hazlett Lewis, and produced by Freddy Alexander.

    “It’s been a while in the making but ‘Bones Shake’ is finally here,” Hazlett said of the song. “I think running away gets a bit of a bad name. It’s near impossible to clarify exactly where things went wrong or how to fix them when you’re sitting in the mess you made. Whether it’s time or distance, sometimes the further you get away the clearer it all becomes to piece things together and make your come back.”
  • Before the release of the song, Hazlett shared on social media, “The night before a song comes is a combination of Christmas Eve and when you get a message that says 'we need to talk'... there’s a feeling of excitement but in the quiet moments there’s been this growing thought of dread creeping in the back of my mind. Will people listen to it? Will it pay the bills? Will I get to sing it live? Seven years of this feeling later and while I can’t make people listen and the loans it took to get here might not be paid at least the main thing is on the right track... I’m on tour and singing my stories to anyone who will listen. So it hit me, it’s rarely one big step. It’s all the little steps along the way and keeping the main thing the main thing that make the dreams not seem so far away. One step at a time.”
  • source : Apple Music
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