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  • Maggie Lindemann Covers Paramore's “Decode”

  • American singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann released a cover of American rock band Paramore's “Decode” on April 17, 2024.

    The original version of the song was released by Paramore from the soundtrack of the 2008 romantic fantasy film “Twilight”.
    Also, the song included on the international version of their third studio album “Brand New Eyes”, which was released in 2009.
    The track was written by Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, and Taylor York.
    The song was certified Platinum in the United States on February 16, 2010, and has currently sold over 2,000,000 copies.
    The accompanying live performance video for the cover version of the song was directed by Julian Matulich.
  • Back in March, Maggie Lindemann released her sophomore EP “HEADSPLIT”.
    The EP is her first project in two tears since the 2022 debut album “Suckerpunch”.
    The EP comprises a 8-track, featuring collaborations with Siiickbrain, Alexis Munroe, and Jasiah, produced by Josh Murty, Maxwell Urasky, No Love For The Middle Child and Zach Jones.

    Maggie Lindemann said of the EP, “On the one hand, and in the eyes of so many people out there, I'm so happy and everything's perfect, and then there's like this other part of me that's self-sabotaging, saying, 'Everything's not perfect, and you ruin everything, and you're always wrong.' But then again, getting older and being actually proud of myself has definitely helped me soften up a little bit, so my head is always split like that, so that concept lent itself really neatly to what I was trying to do with the music itself.”
  • Maggie Lindemann explained some tracks for the EP.

    “​deprecating” with Siiickbrain
    “​Deprecating is about being manipulated. It's about someone who is constantly installing a false narrative in your head for whatever reason. You're trying to live your own life, and they are just constantly installing a fear in you to keep you from living”

    “'Hostage', for me, is like peering through a window into my own mind. It's about being caught in this strange limbo where everything around me, externally, is going well, but inside, there's a relentless storm. The song is a cry for that person who can calm the turmoil inside me, a plea for solace amidst my own mental chaos. It's raw and real - it's a journey so many of us silently go through.”

  • source : YouTube
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