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  • Ben Platt Announces New Album “Honeymind”, Shares New Song “Andrew”

  • American actor and singer-songwriter Ben Platt has announced his third studio album “Honeymind” will be released on May 31, 2024.

    The album is his first LP in three years since the 2021 album “Reverie” and comprises 13-track.
    He has worked with producer Dave Cobb, co-writers and musicians across Nashville, Savannah, Los Angeles and New York on the album for two years.
    The album title “Honeymind” was named for the “honey-like” state of being in love.

    Ben Platt explained, “One day I ate some mushroom chocolate and went on a hike with the love of my life. As we walked and took in our surroundings, he could see how happy I was and asked me to describe the feeling. I looked up at the ceiling of treetops, hundreds of rays of golden light were pouring through all the tiny gaps in the leaves like a shimmering pattern. I thought about how to describe to him that I was just so happy to be in love with him. That my love for him somehow softens things and slows it all down. Like all the jagged thoughts and fears and anxieties always jutting out in my brain are slowly smoothed out, until my whole mind is thickly coated and dripping with pervading warmth and sweetness. 'I'd call it Honeymind' I said instinctively. 'You give me Honeymind.'”
  • He said of the album, “I've been working on this record for the last two years, alongside my executive producer Dave Cobb and some brilliant co-writers and musicians across Nashville, Savannah, Los Angeles and New York. I began writing it during a period of major personal growth and transition. I wrote about all the ways that I've started to shed other people's notions and perceptions of who I am, and really settle into myself from the root, earnestness and all. I wrote about growing out of the naiveté and aimlessness of childhood without resigning to the jaded and wonder-less feeling of adulthood as some kind of finite destination. Most importantly, I wrote about finding real love. About being grateful for it and tending to it, and all of the work we have to do as individuals to find security in who we are, so that we're ready for that real love when it comes along.”

  • From the album, he released the first single called “Andrew” along with a music video on March 15, 2024.
    This song is a story of unrequited love for a straight man.
    The track was written by Alex Hope and Ben Platt. Produced by Dave Cobb and Alex Hope.
    Ben Platt said, “This one’s very special to me.”
  • source : Apple Music
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