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  • Nina Nesbitt Announces New Album “Mountain Music”, Shares New Song “Mansion”

  • Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt has announced her fourth studio album “Mountain Music” will be released on September 27, 2024.

    The album is her first body of work in two years since the 2022 album “Älskar” and the first release under her own label Apple Tree Records.

    Nina Nesbitt said of the album, “This is by far my favourite piece of work I've created yet. This album is for the girl who grew up in the small town, the twenty-something trying to find her way in the big city and the person I am now looking back at the view of it all. The beauty, the magic, the messiness and everything in-between. Mountain Music held my hand through some of my hardest moments and I really hope it can hold yours too.”

    From the album, she released a new song “Mansion” on April 19, 2024.
    The song is the follow-up to two songs “Pages” and “On The Run”, which were released last month.
    The track was written and produced by Nina Nesbitt, with production by Peter Miles.
  • Nina Nesbitt shared about the song on social media, “So I don't know if anyone watching this has been struggling with their self worth or struggled in the past. Maybe you've been in a situationship that you're hoping might turn into a relationship. It's wittled away at you and made you feel like you're not good enough. Left you're questioning things (See: Loyal To Me). Or maybe you've simply just lost your confidence in yourself for whatever reason. I've come up with this theory and it's called the mansion theory.”

    She continued, “It basically stems from having a long conversation with one of my friends who was in a situationship. But we all to told her to leave it. Did she? No she didn't. We've all been there. Basically this guy was just plain simple textbook toxic. She needed to leave him. Not only that, he lived in Acton near the overground. She's an underground girl. Just inconvenient on top of everything. And we could see that she had just lost all confidence in herself. She'd forgotten who the fuck she was quite frankly. Now this friend of mine is beautiful, she's intelligent, she's funny, she's got a great job, Mum's love her. She's truly a catch.”
  • She said, “And I feel like if I was to describe her, I see her as like a mansion. This beautiful grand mansion in the middle of like a really grey gloomy city. Think Bridgerton and she's this beautiful mansion. She's got vines and roses growing all over her. People are literally stopping to look at her. She's turning heads on the street. But she has got the curtains closed. It's dark, it's gloomy. She's collecting dust there's spider's webs. She's neglected the mansion. She's got a great big gate outside. People normally go through to enter the mansion. She's put a giant padlock on it so no one can get in, because she's afraid of being hurt. She's covered her ornaments sheets in fear of them being mishandled or damaged. When people do come to the mansion, she only shows them the box room. She never takes them to her grand ballroom. She doesn't show them her grand ballroom, the drawing room with the Lake View library, the library full of lives lived, but if she just took some time to redecorate, restore, rearrange the furniture, open the curtains. She could be up there on the National Trust website.”

    She added, “So basically what I'm trying to say, I believe we are all mansions. Sometimes all you need to rearrange furniture, a little, shifi your perspective open the curtains let the light in and you'll be reminded. So if you need a little reminder, then this is it. You are a mansion, you a mansion. And I've written a song about just this.”
  • source : Apple Music
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