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  • Griff Releases New EP “ver2igo vol. 2”

  • British singer-songwriter Griff released a new EP “ver2igo vol. 2” on April 5, 2024 via Warner Records.

    The EP is a sequel to the 2023 EP “vert1go vol. 1” and comprises a 4-track.
    She worked with producers LOSTBOY, Mura Masa, Sam Tsang and SIBA on the EP.

    Griff said of the EP, “Like volume 1 these songs have been written in different places and houses in between tours. It was like every time I stepped out of touring and stepped into writing I was in a place of loneliness but desperately searching for a sense of euphoria and peace.”

    She continued, “And so to me, these 4 songs are about loneliness and loss and dancing through those waves of emotion. There's a new energy and drive to them!! This probably makes more sense when you listen to them lol. Anyways happy listening and I hope you enjoy them.”
  • Griff explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Miss Me Too”
    “This song has been sitting on my laptop for a year. Written in another airbnb kitchen converted into some kind of make shift studio. My 2 favourite people to write songs with lostboy, SIBA came to find me in this cottage and helped me unlock this song. It's about a state of feeling lost, and trying to retrace when you seem to have lost yourself. It's sad but it's also so hopeful and something I'm ready to dance to with you all.”

    “Pillow In My Arms”
    “This one's about the aching of being alone. and when it comes down to it... maybe the only thing that's been there for you and has seen you cry and dance and get out of bed in the morning is your pillow.”
  • source : Apple Music
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