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  • Dermot Kennedy Releases New EP “I've told the trees everything”

  • Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy released a new EP “I've told the trees everything” on March 15, 2024.

    The EP comprises a 4-track, including preceding 3 songs and a new song, produced by Carey Willetts, Kenny Beats, MarcLo and Rodaidh McDonald.
    Dermot Kennedy said of the EP, “These trees and this woodland have really been witness to every single part of my life, good and bad. I genuinely feel like, to some degree, they know me and they feel like such literally rooted and truthful things. Like, I think it's not that crazy to think a tree that saw you grew up could be a little bit, like, disappointed in you are proud of you or something like that. And I don't even think is that. But I think it's - if this landscape in this place kind of made me, I want it to still be in my spirit when I kind of go through life, you know, and go on tour and and go around the world. I want to be able to feel this energy while I'm not here.”
  • He continued, “Yeah, it's so lovely. Bringing up music like this. Just feels like everything makes sense. It means so much to me that people, that it means so much to people. I think over time I've come to learn that the only thing that gives me sort of beyond surface level fulfillment is, is when the music is right. It feels more meaningful. And so that's what I'm doing with this EP and with everything from now on.”

    He said, “It means so much to me to share this EP with you. It feels like such a beautiful direction I'm heading in, and I'm very excited to go there with you. Thank you for sticking with me and getting me here, and for giving me space. I was so lucky to work with Nicholas Moegly on the artwork for this project. I've been such a fan of his for a long time, I always want to live inside his art, it gives me such a powerful feeling.”

    He added, “A certain group of trees have watched over me my whole life, good and bad. There's magic to that, and I know they know me. I hope this music means something to you and takes you on a journey.”

  • The EP artwork designer Nicholas Moegly said, “I'm honored to have been asked to create the album art for Dermot Kennedy's new EP, I've Told the Trees Everything. I know these songs are very significant to him, so we wanted the imagery to be very personal and help create a sense and feeling that matches the tone of what he had written. The final album art is inspired by the fields, forests, and quiet outskirts of Rathcoole, Ireland where he grew up. Thanks to Dermot for being a such a proponent of creating an enveloping experience where the music and art accompany and accent one another. Vinyl is available on his site now.”

    Dermot Kennedy explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Two Hearts”
    “I love this song so much, a story plays out scene-by-scene in my head when I sing it and I love that, it reminds me of when I first started writing music. I hope you love it.”

    “I can't wait for you to hear this one and to show you something I've been working on. I hope you're well out there. I have loved dropping songs like this so so much. I hope you're enjoying them, and what they'll become.”

    “I took this picture of the trees outside my house tonight while I was listening to a song I have coming out soon, and it kinda clicked in my head, that I think this song is the After Rain of this next chapter. It has that same feeling I had then, of being so proud of something, and feeling like it's the beginning of something very special. I'm resetting, and it's gonna be beautiful, there's just more of us now.”

    “This song came together in the most natural way, each lyric just showing up and spilling out one after the other. I'll never forget writing it. An ode to love, whether it's eternal or not. The gratitude you can feel for even just one beautiful day with somebody, how they can make the world stand still and make sense. I hope this one speaks to you. I'm so so excited for what's coming next. A return to what I know, with everything I've picked up on this journey. This is the spot in the road I've been waiting to get to.”
  • source : Apple Music
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