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  • Pillow Queens Releases New Song “Heavy Pour”

  • Irish indie rock band Pillow Queens, consisting of Sarah Corcoran (vocals/rhythm guitar/bass), Rachel Lyons (drums), Cathy McGuinness (lead guitar) and Pamela Connolly (vocals/rhythm guitar/bass), will release their upcoming third studio album “Name Your Sorrow” this Friday (April 19).

    From the album, the band released the fourth and final promotional single called “Heavy Pour” on April 16, 2024.
    The track was written by Cathy McGuinness, Pamela Connolly, Rachel Lyons, and Sarah Corcoran. Produced by Collin Pastore.

    The band guitarist Cathy McGuinness said of the song, “It feels like a bit of a bizarre journey or a fever dream. The guitar becomes more palatable in the middle eight, totally contradicting the previous section of discordant chaos. It then falls into a glorious half time with 'oohs' to support the instruments, giving a feeling of clarity and resolve before snapping back to the chorus.”
  • Lead singer Cathy McGuinness continued, “A lot of the lines in this song could convey the typical sweetness of a love song, but it has brief moments of outside perspectives that cast doubt over the conviction represented. The song tries to show the “heavy pour” as a compulsion that while having moments of joy, ultimately heightens personal insecurities.”

    Bassist Sarah Corcoran added, “Intrigued by this dynamic, we wanted to delve into and dissect the idea that one's gender expression is impacted by their perceived level of courage. Spoiler: it's not. All genders can be courageous and/or scared.”

  • The accompanying music video was directed Kate Dolan, who was inspired by ld silent films.
    Kate Dolan said of the video, “The song felt like a haunting and I felt the video needed to be something quite stylistic. I came up with the idea of the music video being a long lost silent film that has never been seen, a haunted piece of art buried in an attic somewhere. Then, as the band performs the cursed film is purged, burning up. The band are always up for having some fun so the shoot was a lot of fun and we played a lot on set.”

    Photo by Gingerdope
  • source : Apple Music
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