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  • Midheaven Releases New Song “M.H.D.”

  • Los Angeles-based dream-pop duo Midheaven, consisting of Andy DeLuca and Sarah Eiseman, released a new song “M.H.D.” on April 19, 2024.

    The song is their third single, following “Heaven” and “Heartbeat”, and is part of a 3 song “trilogy”.
    The song's title “M.H.D.” is an acronym for “Mental Health Decline”.
    The track serves as a poignant commentary on the arduous journey through the depths of deteriorating mental well-being.
    Within the composition, subtle references echo the daunting trials and tribulations intrinsic to such a harrowing journey.
    The track was written by Andrew James DeLuca and Sarah Ashley Eiseman. Produced by Andrew DeLuca.

    The band member Andy DeLuca said of the song, “It's difficult to communicate to others when I'm battling depression because there's this underlying fear of a negative response such as being judged or rejected for it.”
  • He explained about the song on social media, “This song was written during a lengthy spell of depression, and it's about me experiencing and navigating through it while I'm going through it. MHD is part of a 3 song 'trilogy' where Sarah and I break down the wave of a mental health decline and the rise back out.

    I'll admit that every now and then I get pummeled with a wave of debilitating depression. In my past experiences, I would let it absolutely consume me to where it feels like I'm in such a deep hole that I can't get out. I have often resorted to forms of escapism and isolation - weeks/months will pass without even realizing it. It was like being in a coma, or being sucked into the Matrix. I'd wake up and wonder where I'd been, how much time I'd wasted, and if I even had a life or friends anymore.”

  • He continued, “I usually hid this part of me because it's not how I want to be seen or known as -I felt ashamed to feel this way at all. But I started to really explore these feelings and I wanted to get to the root of them. I started to realize I'm not alone in feeling this way and this realization created a major shift from feeling incredibly inward and alone to feeling more outward and connected. It's human. These are human feelings and I'm not unique to them and it's perfectly okay to feel them. There is a huge sense of comfort in knowing that you're not alone, at least for me there is.

    I felt I was able to analyze this part of me from a zoomed-out perspective for the first time and view these waves of depression as just storms that will eventually pass. There's no reason to spiral into a deeper hole, I just need to be more prepared for the storm and accept it as it comes. (I must add that the most basic things: healthy sleep, exercise, eating well, journaling, therapy, meditation, socializing, being creative, really do make a universe of a difference. Easier said than done when you're going through it - but helpful to have in mind.)

    I wrote this song as a way to try and verbalize what I was feeling. As grim as it may seem, the song is about actively searching for the light when you're surrounded by darkness. And if anyone is going through it right now, you're not alone”
  • source : Apple Music
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