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  • X Ambassadors Releases New Song “Half-Life”

  • American pop-rock band X Ambassadors, consisting of Sam Nelson Harris (lead vocals/guitar), Casey Harris (keyboards) and Adam Levin (drums), will release their upcoming fourth studio album “Townie” on April 5, 2024.

    From the album, the band released the third single called “Half-Life” on March 15, 2024, following “No Strings” and “Your Town”.
    The track was written by Adam Levin, Ben Stennis, Casey Harris, Joy Williams, Russ Flynn, Sam Nelson Harris. Produced by X Ambassadors.
    The song is dedicated to the band frontman Sam Nelson Harris's wife.

    Sam Nelson Harris said of the song, “I've been thinking a lot about the power of a good love song. I was in a writing session recently with someone who had just gone through a rough break-up- when we landed on a concept for a song that was more about falling IN love than falling out, they resisted writing about it at first. But i said 'Fuck that! When you're heartbroken is the BEST time to write a love song!' Because you know the stakes. And when the stakes are high, truth often comes bubbling to the surface. You know how beautiful and terrible it can be, and a good song about falling in love always has a bit of heartbreak in its DNA. So ultimately my friend caved, and you know what? WE ENDED UP WRITING A GREAT SONG THAT DAY haha.”
  • He continued, “The day we wrote 'Half-Life' it was a really magical session. It was my last day in Nashville and I walked into a room with two of my favorite songwriters: Ben Stennis who wrote one my fav songs of 2022, Cody Johnson's 'Till You Can't', and the absolutely incredible Joy Williams, whose music- both with the Civil Wars and on her own- I've been in awe of for years. Joy came in with the title 'half-life' and once we had that, our three brains just clicked into gear together. The whole thing was finished in 4 hours. I brought it back to the XA boys in LA and we ultimately decided on cutting a version that was very bare-bones; very apropos for the sentiment of the song.”
  • He said, “'Half-Life' celebrates our friends, lovers, partners, spouses, pets, children- the ones who open up new passages in your heart; new valves and capillaries, new corners you didn't even know existed before. Cool coincidence: I've been with my wife Tess for almost 13 years now, married for 5 of them. But we also grew up together in Ithaca. I've known her since I was 17 and I'm 35 now, so that is quite literally half of my life. So I'll be selfish for a moment and dedicate this song to her.”

    He added, “But, as is always the case with songs, what was once mine is now yours. It's been so awesome seeing how much you guys connect with what we've been teasing. Let this song be the needle-drop for all those moments, big and small, when you want to show someone you love how much you love 'em.”
  • source : Apple Music
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