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  • TANSU Releases Debut EP “The City”

  • New York-based singer-songwriter TANSU released her highly-anticipated debut EP “The City” on March 20, 2024 via Little Planet Records.

    The EP comprises a 6-track, produced by longtime collaborator Dave Rublin.
    The EP is a chronicle of a life lived well, delivered by a sterling, astounding voice; spanning indie-soul, sparkling pop and hypnotic trap, it's a brilliantly defined debut for the lifelong musician.

    TANSU said of the EP, “The songs are a culmination of all the relationships I formed in New York. It's an EP about girlfriends, boyfriends, old friends, fake friends. There are songs about best friends that break your heart, and there are songs about the most important relationship in life; the one you make with yourself. The way I learned to love myself is a direct reflection of the emotional life I choose to lead here in NYC.”
  • She continued, “The EP is a culmination of musical ideas put together over the past 8 years with my creative compadre, Dave Rublin. We wrote what we felt, man. I don't know how else to say it! Every day we got into that studio, we felt something, and we wrote about it.”

    She added, “I've always appreciated an album you can listen to beginning to end, no skips. Which is exactly what we did here. I wanted to make sure the stories I shared about the relationships I formed in NYC were in specific, story telling agenda; which is why it is MOST important to listen to the FULL EP when it comes out, beginning to end, NO SKIPS!, to get the full feel of it all. The brevity. The depth. The heartache, heartbreak, and heartwarming, empowering end to it.”

  • TANSU explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Love Alone”
    “It is a beautifully angry song about being alone in a relationship. I wrote this song during a very different time in my life, but the story and emotions remain true. There is nothing lovable about being in a relationship without love.”
    I feel like a lot of young love feels like this. Empty and confused. The waiting to text back, the anxiety in Snapchat scores, the constant comparison to others. Love is not an algorithm. Love is seeing understanding in your partner's eyes and recognizing your value to them.
    This song also means a lot to me because it is the first song Dave and I wrote together. This is our baby. She almost didn't make it on the album! I hope this song reaches the ear that needs to hear this. I am so proud of myself.”

    “Truth About Us”
    “Truth About Us” is a song that begs a question we internally ask ourselves every time we feel our heart tug at us to get away. “Why do we do these things to each other?,” is a lyric I wrote after fighting about everything with a now ex. Why do we not text until after we're mad? Why do we ignore each call when we want to talk? Why does it feel so good when it is so wrong? Why are we doing these things?
    I found my answer as I grew older and more mature, but this song lets me live in the danger of a young situation. I'm so glad to be better now, but I wouldn't have gotten here without writing this song.”

    “I wrote this song on the heels of The First Big Fight with, who was then, my new boyfriend. It was weird, because I was treating the fight with one-night-nonchalance; kind of a, 'don't worry baby, I never liked you that much anyway' type of feeling. Because that's how you were SUPPOSED to feel when dating in the late 2010's. 'Grabbing my scars/ and then deciding just to walk out' is a very intimate line. It questions how we can be intimate with someone, touch each others' bodies, our scars, our souls, and then pretend that we can just move on. It's hard to justify an intimate fling with your soul. 'DOWNTOWN' speaks to the juxtaposition of that mind fuck. Fresh from the fight, I needed some glorifying attention from someone else. So I went to the studio to go write something. Luckily my producer was also going through a situational something, so we came up with a sexy song while both sexually frustrated. We ended up going out to Three Diamond Door in Bushwick that night after that session. The bridge is an interpretation of what happened after Three Diamond Door. We were buzzed, music made us dance, I got the attention I thought I wanted... but as soon as I stepped outside, I knew who I was calling.”

    “Got 2 Me”
    This song is about falling in love so hard you can't shake it no matter how hard you try. Emotions change as you sink deeper and deeper into trust, love and acceptance of another person, as does the song. This is possibly my most ambitious production work to date as it's unconventional. Finding and creating sounds that embody modern love, playing with the stereo space in a few new ways for me that I've never heard before.
    It's a song about being in love after falling the wrong way. What I thought was love, was rather a necessity to be understood. A sense of trust in understanding. And trust is probably the scariest thing in the world (right after releasing music). I found trust and love in my now husband Stephen. And when I was scared, when I was confused and had no idea what to do, I remembered my purpose. I wrote this song.

    “Easy Love”
    “'Easy Love' is a soft goodbye. It is a song about letting go of a friend while respecting the life and beauty the relationship once shared. A loving tribute to someone you can no longer be there for, the song helps us all tell our former friends to take it easy, love.”
  • source : Apple Music
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