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  • Alfie Jukes Releases New EP “Sitting Pretty”

  • British singer-songwriter Alfie Jukes released his sophomore EP “Sitting Pretty” on April 5, 2024.

    The EP is his first project in a year since the 2023 debut EP “Little Omens”.
    The EP comprises a 6-track, featuring a guest appearance from Irish singer-songwriter Nell Mescal.
    Written by Alfie Jukes, Ashley Singh, Jonah Summerfield, Jonny Lattimer, Jules Konieczny, Mathias Wang and Will Bloomfield.
    Produced by Jonah Summerfield, Jules Konieczny, Mathias Wang and Will Bloomfield.

    “When I was writing the second EP, I wanted to throw all preconceived ideas of how it might sound out the window,” Alfie Jukes said of the EP. “I really wanted it to feel new and I wanted it to feel like a progression from 'Little Omens'”

    He continued, “This project is vulnerable and intimate, but it's also sexy, I think. There's something a bit more mysterious about these songs, which I really like. And I want to keep people guessing a bit.”
  • He added, “These six tracks are very completely different from each other. But they also for some reason, just make sense and just fit and they all feel like me. And it's probably the most honest I've ever been with my writing but it's also probably the most fun I've ever had making music. So I hope people listen to 'Sitting Pretty' and fill that.”

  • Alfie Jukes explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Eyes Wide”
    “This song is actually set in a hotel room, and it's about just feeling comfortable with someone at your most vulnerable. I wanted to write a love song, but I really didn't want to write anything that felt generic or cliché… or write a song that I'd already written before; I think 'Eyes Wide' does that. I just wanted people to feel good listening to it, and I'm so, so excited to do it live. It's definitely a first taste of a new sound as well. I just wanted to take a step out of the Little Omens world and try something that people hadn't heard me do before.”

    “Orange Juice” featuring Nell Mescal
    “I really hope whoever features on this track likes Orange Juice.”

    “Not Quite Gone”
    “I wrote this tune with the incredible Will Bloomfield in our first session together. We pretty much started and finished it in 4 hours, and I immediately knew it was gonna be a special one! 'Not Quite Gone' is all about the memories we can attach to music, the association of songs with past relationships and people who may not be in our lives anymore. Trust me to make a really sad concept sound fun!”

  • source : Apple Music
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