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  • LYRA Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

  • Irish singer-songwriter LYRA released her self-titled debut album on April 12, 2024.

    The album comprises a 14-track, featuring a guest appearance from Irish DJ John Gibbons, produced by BURNS, Dan Priddy, Mark Crew, Nicki Adamsson, Phil Cook and Scott Rosser.
    Her raw and powerful vocals are put to exacting use: lyrically, the album offers snapshots of past relationships - specifically one turbulent end and its liberating aftermath.

    LYRA explained, “When I began writing music, I aimed for a specific style. But as I started developing, I wanted to write a ballad when I was heartbroken, or an irreverent song when I had a one-night stand, or an upbeat song about going on the lash with my friends and dancing until three am. To me, music should be fun and evoke different emotions, and you're not going to do that through one sound.”

    She continued, “The album also documents when I embraced my single life and went a bit carefree and wild. People will understand much more about me, because all the songs are about my life. Except for 'Naked'. That's my alter ego coming out.”
  • She added, “I feel I haven't shown who I am or what I am until now. People in Ireland will think that's a strange thing to say because I'm known there. But as an artist, I feel like I haven't scratched the surface at all. This feels like just the beginning.”

    LYRA shared on social media, “Creating this album allowed me to finally feel like I am enough, to finally start loving myself, to finally let myself be me. I put my fears, my heartbreak, my failures, my strength and my love into this album. It was a journey of finding myself and losing myself all at once. It's a sound that makes me feel free, free of judgement, free of perfectionism, free from conformity. There are a million thanks that I must give and I'll be giving them all!”

  • LYRA explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Drink Me Up”
    “Simply put, it's about having wild drunk sex and taking from the night what you want from it, when two people come together for the same thing.”

    “The song is about finding someone when you thought you were broken, that you were unlovable. Cos everything is you, Nothing else will matter now. I wrote this one about the spark that creates a fire inside of you. We all know that exciting feeling finding new love so I wanted to bring that excitement onto the dance floor”.

    “My dad taught me how to play chess when I was younger. It was a massive mind game and when I grew up it reminded me about a lot of obstacles I had to get through in order to find out who I am. I was constantly being asked “what box do you fit in” and I really struggled with that. We are not built for boxes and life isn't about ticking off lists. The day I said “enough is enough, I'm not your pawn anymore” is the day I created Chess”.

    “Love Me”
    “The album was complete when I wrote this song. I couldn't stop listening to it, so I made space for it.”

    “'Falling' is about something I think most of us girls have experienced in life… Falling for a guy, who it seems to be going swimmingly with only to find out he's been seeing other girls on the side… I started writing this song at home in my PJ's when I'd given up crying and decided I wanted to do something that had a bit of a sexy feel to it, something that made me feel empowered in this shit situation I'd found myself in.”

    “This song is bad-ass. It presents a version of myself that I was always scared to be. It's a reminder that you need me and I don't need you, and I can be my own Queen.
    It's a reminder that I/we don't need validation from anyone, this is my life so watch me live it. I will be my own Queen. I wanted this song to be grittier and underground, with a lot of attitude… This is for all women.”

    “I am a true romantic at heart and this is dance ode to those early years in my youth,” said LYRA. “I wanted to celebrate my personal journey tackling heartbreak, one of the things I will never give up on in life is love and this song is a way for me to reclaim and rejoice my hope for the future.”

    “Someone New”
    “The first ballad I ever wrote was 'Someone New', and it took me a lot of heartbreak and learning to get there,” “But the album also documents when I embraced my single life and went a bit carefree and wild”.

    Photo by Aaron Hurley
  • source : Apple Music
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