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  • Hope Vista Releases New Song “Worst for You”

  • New York-based singer-songwriter Hope Vista released a new song “Worst for You” on March 15, 2024.

    The song is the follow-up to “Christian the Composer”, which was released back in January.
    The track is inspired by 2000s production and blends R&B-tinged nostalgic pop.
    It expresses the ongoing guilt about her teenage love affair gone wrong.
    The track was written by Hope Vista Oberwanowicz.

    Hope Vista said of the song, “I'm a sucker for 2000's pop, but this production wasn't intentionally inspired by elements of that era. It was a natural progression, especially when I started to piece together what the track is rooted in lyrically. 19 year old Hope was a hot mess, and she made some very poor decisions. Some of those decisions have brought on strong feelings of guilt for the past 10 years. This song is for that girl, who desperately needed to hear a song like this in 2013.”
  • Hope Vista shared on social media, “19 year old me was a reckless young girl who didn't know how to harness her powers into a positive entity. She led with her heart instead of her head and gut, which often got her into trouble. She was selfish, careless, and not ready to take accountability. I still ache for that girl, because at her core, she had a beautiful heart. But it needed work, and that 19 year old girl wanted nothing more than to give her soul to someone and receive one back in return.”

  • She continued, “19 year old me was desperately in love. Being swept up in a too-serious relationship as a college sophomore was not in my four year plan, but something that I craved. Thirsty Thursdays evolved into playing house in my edgewood park apartment, #404, and simply put, I was not ready to approach a relationship of that caliber in the right way. The healthy way. the loving, easy, comfortable way.”

    She added, “Everything was a battle. I've carried around 10 years worth of guilt on my back for not being my best then. For playing a big role in the deterioration of that love, knowing that it should not have ended the way it did. 'Worst for You' is for that beautiful, lost little girl who is sorry, and wished she had said sorry then.”

    Photo by Maggie Friedman
  • source : Spotify
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