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  • WILLOW Premieres New Song “symptom of life” on BBC Radio 1

  • American singer-songwriter WILLOW premiered a new song “symptom of life” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    The song will appear on WILLOW's upcoming sixth studio album.
    The track was written by WILLOW and produced by Chris Greatti.
    This time, the song features the piano sound unlike the previous songs with guitar sound.
    WILLOW said of the song in a statement, “The song has a very beautiful whimsical nature but holds a lot of mystery. There's this beautiful light coming in through the piano, but also this syncopated rhythm of the bass bringing in that mysterious element. A juxtaposition of light and dark.”

    The accompanying music video was directed by Willow Smith.
    WILLOW shared on social media, “This visual is for all the beautiful people who have ever gone into nature with their friends & been guided to a deeper understanding of life together by plant medicine. I hope this song and visual can bring catharsis to anyone who experiences them.”
  • WILLOW told Clara Amfo about the piano sound of the song, “The piano definitely came first. I knew this the first things first is that I knew I wanted to make a song and seven and because I had never made a song in that time signature before and I was like, I definitely want to switch it up make it interesting. And that piano part definitely came first. That piano part was like the DNA of the song.”

  • WILLOW continued, “I recently I've been just really diving into so many different kinds of music. And trying to expand what my mind and what my ear perceives as being pleasurable to listen to. And I feel like for, everyone for the masses, I feel like, the future of music is to expand what the masses perceive as being beautiful or, quote unquote easy to listen to. And I feel like, even just in popular music, melodies are getting slightly more, complex. I feel like rhythms are getting a little bit more syncopated. And I feel like we're already going in that direction of like, just more interesting compositions. It's almost like beauty standards, honestly, what our year for like what our eyes and what our ears for so long have been told this is beautiful to see and this is beautiful to hear. It's changing all the time and becoming more and more expansive. And I think that's awesome.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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