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  • Jessica Wilde Premieres New Song “FADE” on BBC Radio London

  • South London-based singer-songwriter Jessica Wilde premiered a new song “FADE” on BBC Radio London with Carrie & David Grant.

    The song will appear on her upcoming sophomore album, which is expected to be released this summer.
    The new album is her first project in two years since the 2022 debut album “Sober, Wasted, Wasted, Sober”.
    The track was written by James Newman, Jessica Wilde, and Tom Maine. Produced by Jessica Wilde and Tom Maine.

    Jessica Wilde said of the song in a statement, “When we truly let go, life opens doors for new people and possibilities to come in exceeding our expectations. It hurts, but letting go is an act of self-love and value.”
  • Jessica Wilde told Carrie Grant and David Grant about the song, “This song 'FADE' is actually like it's got a bit of a solemn feel to it. But it is actually about the art of letting go, which is one of the lyrics, which like, even though it is about letting go of someone. It's like I've come to a place where I'm fine to let go of something, if it's not meant for me anymore. Whereas before I've clung, clung, and clung, it's just awful it was to know. So it's kind like the power of what when you do actually let go, even though it hurts, you know, but you're like you know what, it's not not meant to be right now and you trust that something else is gonna come. Actually, the world opens up in so any more ways.”

  • She shared on social media, “I use to cling to a lot of things... wanting the high to never end, people that were no good for me.. cos I didn't wanna face the come down or the pain that comes with letting someone go... but I realised that when I held on and tried to avoid that pain I actually made it worse.. letting go hurts, but the moments I've accepted it's time, trusted myself and life are the moments when things have opened up in ways better than I could have imagined... Cos 'the seasons fade, no nothing stays the same.. gotta learn the art of letting go'...”
  • source : BBC Radio London
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