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  • Gretta Ray Releases New Song “Roses”

  • Australian singer-songwriter Gretta Ray released an extended edition of her sophomore album “Positive Spin +” on March 15, 2024.

    The album “Positive Spin +” comprises a 16-track, including the previous 12 songs, a new song “Roses”, the 2020 collaborative song “Better” with Japanese Wallpaper and two new versions of “Upgraded” and “Heartbreak Baby”.
    From the album, she released the new song “Roses” on March 15, 2024.
    The track was written by Gretta Ray and producer Gab Strum, recorded between home studios and Purple Wayne Studios in Collingwood.

    Gretta Ray said of the song, “I have been wanting to share "Roses" with my fans for so long. This warm and optimistic song has always belonged on a version of Positive Spin; I'm very excited for everyone to hear the final version, especially my UK fans, seeing as the song is about London.”
  • The release comes ahead of her next London headline show at Lafayette on May 13, 2024
    Gretta Ray said, “In the photographs included in the 'Roses' visualiser, it's clear that I've made a lot of special memories in London, and I cannot wait to make more. I've had plans in the past to stay in the city for an extended period of time, but those plans fell through. 2024 feels like a second chance to live out those dreams and to see where my music can take me in this part of the world. I look up to so many UK-based artists and this place has truly felt like a second home since I was 18.”
  • She said of the extended edition, “IPositive Spin' was such a liberating project for me to create for many reasons. One of those reasons was I got to lean heavily into my love for pop music, when it came to producing the songs. After the album came out, some of the feedback I got from my fans was that although the production was upbeat, fun and light, the lyrics of the songs were some of the most raw and vulnerable that I had written. With the reimagined version of 'Upgraded', and the acoustic version of 'Heartbreak Baby', I was able to dive back into those songs and portray their narratives from a different angle, in stripping back a lot of the production. 'Roses' was a song that always felt as though it belonged on a version of 'Positive Spin', due to the warm and optimistic nature of it. I feel the same about 'Better', despite that song being a few years old now... it has an important place on the full track list.”

  • source : Apple Music
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