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  • Action Forever Releases New Song “In The Dead of Night”

  • Canadian indie funk band Action Forever released the second single called “In The Dead of Night” on March 14, 2024.

    The song is the follow-up to the debut song “Loveless Love”, which was released last November.
    Also, the track will appear on their debut album. It was written by Simran Bansal.

    Simran Bansal of Action Forever said of the song, The idea for 'In The Dead of Night,' was to bluntly reflect on the obvious downsides of being in a long distance relationship - not being able to hold your partner in your arms, look into their eyes, or hear their voice next to you. I was in a relationship a bit like that. Later, I realized after I went over some of the lines, like 'be a shoulder for the secret pain inside' and 'I feel my heart begin to break in two until the moment I hear back from you,' I started to believe that the seed for the song, in part, came from a feeling of co-dependence. When I looked back at what I'd written - in the moment, sort of quickly and instinctively - those lyrics struck me as more troubled than romantic.”
  • He continued, “The semi-autobiographical character in the song is very much distressed. He feels the tension between him and his partner and it's unsettling. I wanted to make something upbeat and danceable to accentuate this feeling of stress and urgency. I also tried to pick synthesizer sounds which seemed to have kind of a lonely quality. For example, the counter melodies in the second verse were inspired by those little musical carousel toys that play chimey lullabies.”
  • source : Apple Music
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