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  • Middle Part Releases New Song “Superstar”

  • New York City-based singer-songwriter Andy Selkow, aka Middle Part released a new song “Superstar” on April 4, 2024.

    The song is the fifth and final single off of his upcoming debut album “Disruptor”, following the release of “Echo” last month.
    The debut album comprises a 10-track and is due out on April 26, 2024.
    The track focuses on the rat race tied to pursuing personal dreams and goals. It tackles the pitfalls of comparison and sticking to your guns when checkpoints seem impossibly far away and the desire to quit hangs heavy.
    It was written by Andrew Selkow, Brian Zaremba, Harrison Lipton, James Patrick McDermott, and Michael Andrew.
    Produced by Middle Part, Taylor Van Ginkley, Brain Zaremba, James McDermott, Michael Andrew, Harrison Lipton, and Ryan Kaiser.

    Middle Part said of the song, “Corporate financed content gets the fast track as independent artistry often falls into the shadows. Fame is fickle and vapid amidst an era of hyper individualism and self-promotion. Often we find ourselves climbing over each other in order to grasp a slice of what's promised with celebrity status and lose ourselves along the way. The rebuttal is that at the end of the day above all compassion and honesty are the virtuous routes.”
  • He shared on social media, “When most of the time the ego is your worst enemy, I wanted to detach myself from my artistry in these lyrics. I don't wanna be that person all the time and It gets tiring watching people pretend to be cooler than others or above them artistically. We as humans are more complex than that and hyper individualism can trigger some pretty sickening mental blocks and I don't want any part of it. This song feels like the best representation of where my head is at most of the time while fighting for something that never seems to come but being okay with that because it's about the intention you set while setting out to create YOUR art.”

  • He explained about the previous song “Echo”, “'Echo' serves as a simile comparing relationships to drug addiction. It's a first hand account of fighting to maintain a steady partner while grappling how difficult it can actually be. On the other side of the coin is the struggle to kick a destructive drug habit. The conclusion of the song's chorus summarizes the overall message regarding how we can often be unable to see the other side of the damaging drug addiction or a toxic relationship. It asks the universal question of why bother fighting for a future that isn't guaranteed.”

  • source : Apple Music
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