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  • The Veronicas Releases New Album “Gothic Summer”

  • Australian pop duo The Veronicas, consisting of Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso, released the sixth studio album “Gothic Summer” on March 22, 2024.

    The album is their first LP in three years since the 2021 album “Human”.
    Also, it is the first release under their new label Big Noise after leaving Sony Music Australia.
    The album comprises a 8-track, featuring a guest appearance from Australian rapper Kerser.
    On the album, the duo worked with producer John Feldmann, and collaborators including Travis Barker, Sierra Deaton, Ryan Linville, Zhone and Chris Collins.
    This marks the third working between The Veronicas and John Feldmann, following the 2007 “album Hook Me Up” and the 2021 album “Godzilla”.

    Jessica Origliasso told Rolling Stone about the album, “The whole theme of Gothic Summer is that it's basically exploring social commentary on what we think is reality versus how we create our reality. It's a very metaphorical album.”
  • The duo said of the album, “This album is for anyone who has had to learn to dance in the rain, who laughs so you don't cry, who loves others when you need it the most, and who, despite the sometimes painful realities of life, still chooses to believe in magic - This one is for you.”

    They continued, “This album was an unexpected surprise, even to us, with it being created with no real plans past seeing where the music took us. We have so much gratitude for where we've been, and where we are going.”

  • The duo explained track-by-track for the album via Apple Music.

    “'Perfect' is about society's compulsion with comparison and perception; urging greater self-love; and mastery of your own design. It's a love letter to our younger and current selves. Perfection has a different meaning for everyone. Social media has changed how we interact with the world. Perception versus reality is rewarded and condemned. From what people wear, to who they date, it's like a magnifying glass. We just want to remind everyone to empower themselves, and free their minds. We all die in the end; we have to live with and love ourselves fiercely, first and foremost. On our deathbeds the only opinion that will matter on how you've lived will be your own.”

    “'Detox' is a fusion of pop rock, ska, poetry, and skate punk. It's an exploration of the chaos and hypnosis of toxic relationships with others, and with yourself. Fighting emotional volatility and sinking euphoria with inspiration.”

    “Here to Dance”
    “[This] is based off the quote 'dance like nobody's watching.' Attention is currency—gossip and headlines used for clickbait means we're normalizing a toxic culture where gossip becomes the vehicle to line pockets. And that fuels a more rampant gossip culture than ever. So we wanted to remind ourselves not to let others define who you are, or your right to freedom and self-expression.”

    “Savage (feat. Kerser)”
    “'Savage' was inspired by an old relationship. The hurt and confusion with what happens when you wake up and realize too much has happened to get back to that place of respect and love. We've been huge fans of Kerser since his early records. He's represented an aspect of Australian culture that's different from what we have. We all have a shared passion for music, telling our stories, and how important our fans are in our careers.”

    “'Invisible' paints a picture of different situations people find themselves in. It's a basic human need to feel heard and understood. You expect truth to prevail always, and when it doesn't, it can be really crushing.”

    “[This] is a love song about someone who has been hurt in the past, finding a safe space and true love for the first time in their life. We used more morbid references to describe falling in love.”

    “'Jungle' is our favorite song that embodies Gothic Summer. This song embodies stories that make you laugh so we don't cry. Because that's how life feels. Like a gothic comedy.”
  • source : Apple Music
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