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  • Dagny Releases New Song “Strawberry Dream”

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Dagny will release her new mini-album “ELLE” on June 7, 2024.

    The album is the first instalment in a trilogy of mini-albums she plans for release over the coming months, and is the first body of work in four years since the 2020 debut album “Strangers / Lovers”.
    From the album, she released the fourth and the final promotional single called “Strawberry Dream” on April 12, 2024, following “Heartbreak In The Making”, “Same Again (For Love)” and “Ray-Bans”.
    The track was written by Cato Sundberg, Dagny Norvoll Sandvik, Kent Sundberg, and Nick Hahn. Produced by Kent Sundberg and Cato Sundberg.

    Dagny said of the song, “If we were in a romantic comedy movie, then Strawberry Dream would soundtrack the scene where the main character realises 'their person' has been there, right under their nose, the entire time and now's the time for action. A bit like my personal favourite romcom character; Bridget Jones, and her Mark. They say something like 70 percent of people have met the love of their life before aged 21. Mindblowing facts to me, but who knows? The title is undoubtedly inspired by one of my favourite pick and mix candy bites, the Strawberry Dream.”
  • After the release of the debut album, Dagny went about breaking down and compartmentalising her emotions, quickly realising there was a lot to unpack.
    The new mini-album comprises a 8-track, and the main character ELLE of the album dissects specific facets of Dagny's psyche and representing an exaggerated version of those unique personality traits.

    Dagny said of the album, “I’ve always been a bit nonchalant about the concept of a ‘difficult second record’, but I had to eat my words a little here. I didn’t want to write the same album over again, but finding new things to inspire me musically and personally - turned out to be more challenging than first expected.”

  • She continued, “Having experimented with a variety of sounds, emotions and subjects, I had all these songs that meant something to me, but I needed to find a way to put them all together in an album. Not wanting to limit myself creatively or emotionally, I started playing around with the concept of different alter egos or amplified versions of myself, as ways of organising the songs.”

    She added, “I’ve never been one to over-share personal details, so telling stories (some personal, some not) through characters like ELLE felt like an exciting way to get my thoughts, emotions & experiences into new songs.”

    Photos by Torgeir Rørvik
  • source : Apple Music
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