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  • Taylor Bickett Releases Debut EP “grown up and lonely”

  • Nashville-based singer-songwriter Taylor Bickett released her debut EP “grown up and lonely” on November 3, 2023.

    The EP comprises 5-track, produced by Andrew Tufano, Cleve Wilson, Jackson Foote and Josh Weaver.
    Taylor Bickett described the EP as “It ranges from self-deprecating to smitten to rageful to heartbroken to confused and back again. It's 'melodramatic as hell,' and it's me, and I hope that people can find pieces of themselves in it.”
    The EP title came to Taylor as she was finishing the last song on the EP “love online”.
    Taylor Bickett explained, “Being an adult and managing everything else in your life and trying to fall in love? Forget it. As soon as I wrote the lyrics, 'is this dating when you're grown up and lonely? This shit's taking everything out of me,' I had the title for the project.”
  • Two years in the making, the EP is a continuation of the story set forth in her 2022 breakout single “QUARTER LIFE CRISIS”.
    Taylor Bickett said, “QUARTER LIFE CRISIS turned 1 year old over the weekend. The ways in which my life has changed since its release are indescribable. How ironic that the song I wrote at one of my lowest points, home for the holidays in a childhood bedroom I felt too big for, post-graduation from college, existential dread setting in, is the song that set my life on the path I've always dreamed of I never could have imagined how many people would resonate with my angsty anxiety spiral, which almost stayed confined to my notes app for fear that it was TOO melodramatic, TOO 'making it all about me' - the very things people ended up loving about it. An exercise in trusting myself, a testament to the power of the internet, this song has become so much more than thought possible. It also, in many ways, spearheaded an era of songwriting for me that eventually made way for my debut project as an artist, the first body of work I've created and that feels so wholly me. My debut EP, 'grown up and lonely', is a continuation of my quarter life crisis, which is still in full swing even as I inch closer to 28 (I have a feeling it won't stop then).”

  • Taylor Bickett explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “A song I wrote last year after breaking up with the personal I thought I was gonna marry.”

    “We wrote this song almost a year ago, inspired by the texts on the second slide. 'no offence but you're an idiot / that's what i have been saying the whole time / i could have told you were into him / oh wait / I DID'. I brought in the screenshot and said we have to make this into a song immediately and that was that.”

    “you're not a bad person”
    “Last line is dedicated to anyone who has ever been wronged by a short king.”

    “love online”
    “From a raw january heartbreak to a faint november scar, I'm so excited for this song to be yours. Fun fact: the title of the EP comes from this one.”

    “This was such a special process start to finish, and such a special song. getting to release it on my 24th birthday felt like fate, a closing to the 23 chapter but in no way a closing to the quarter life crisis one (don't think the chaos is going away any time soon).”
  • source : Apple Music
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