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  • Dylan Conrique Releases New Song “ugly”

  • American singer-songwriter and actress Dylan Conrique released a new song “ugly” on November 10, 2022.
    The song is the follow-up to “get over you”, which was released last September.
    It was written by Dylan Conrique. The accompanying music video was directed by Lauren Dunn.
    Dylan Conrique shared on socilam media, “We filmed this music video while I was on tour this summer in New York City AND London !! We snuck into the subway, took over a double decker bus, and even got to have some of you in it.”
    Dylan Conrique told OK! about the song, “This song is all about a relationship ending in an ugly way. Oftentimes when relationships end in an ugly way it was unnecessary, maybe someone’s ego got in the way and they said and did things that they shouldn’t have. So this song really talks about the disappointment in that while going through a breakup, 'I don’t hate you, I just hate the way that it ended.'”
  • She continued, “I was going through a breakup when I wrote ‘ugly’ and at first it was a sad song reflecting on how bummed I was about the relationship ending on bad terms. I took some space from the song while I was healing, and when I came back to it I added more lyrics about realizing your self-worth and being over it. I hope this song can help people going through ugly breakups. It’s such a hard way to end a relationship, and most of the time it happens for no reason!”
    She added, “Sometimes I wonder if my song lyrics are too specific, like if anyone else will be able to relate to them. But I’ve learned that the more honest I am in my music the more it connects with others. Songwriting is my form of therapy so it can feel really freeing to get it off my chest and turn a situation into a song.”

  • Photo by Lauren Dunn
  • source : Apple Music
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