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  • The Flux Machine Releases New Song “Your Eyes” via SoundCloud

  • New York-based Alternative rock band The Flux Machine has released a new song "Your Eyes" via SoundCloud. The new song is the follow-up to Billy Idol Cover "Rebel Yell", which was released in January, 2016.
    The band was formed by Luis Accorsi and Raphael Sepulveda in 2014, currently consisiting of Luis Accorsi, Raphael Sepulveda, Leo Corleone, Jeremy Sauber and Asher Zeitschik.
    On 26 February 2016, they released a debut album "Louder!". Produced by Raphael Sepulveda.

    About the debut album, Raphael Sepulveda told Itnmagazine in the interview,
    "After his last music project ended, Luis felt he was ready to start another band and he contacted me to help make his ideas come to life. For the following 8 months we worked on our first record “Louder!”."
    Luis Accorsi added,
    "Once we had completed this album and felt that we had a competent group of songs, the other musicians materialized out of shear magic, and they are the best musicians we could have dreamed of."
    Also about their music, "Identity driven. We take all kinds of genres and fluxify the flux out of it until its a flux style. If that doesn’t make sense, its not supposed to but listen; the music does the walking." Luis Accorsi said.
  • ニューヨークのロックバンドThe Flux Machineが新曲「Your Eyes」をSoundCloudで発表した。新曲は2016年1月にリリースされたBilly Idolのカバー曲「Rebel Yell」に続くトラック。
    The Flux Machineは、2014年にLuis AccorsiとRaphael Sepulvedaによって結成され、現在のメンバーはLuis Accorsi、Raphael Sepulveda、Leo Corleone、Jeremy Sauber、Asher Zeitschik。
    アルバムについてRaphael Sepulvedaは「Luisが前プロジェクトが終わって、他のバンドをスタートさせる準備が出来たって連絡をくれたんだ。色々なアイディアを持ってね。8ヶ月後、デビューアルバム"Louder!"が出来たってわけさ。」とItnmagazineとのインタビューで語っている。
    Luis Accorsiは「アルバムが完成した時、僕等は有能なグループを持ったと思ったね。他のミュージシャンは魔法を持ってたよ。彼等は僕等が夢見た最高のミュージシャンさ。」と述べ「僕等の音楽は、flux styleでflux style意外な何ものでもないよ。」とバンドの音楽について語った。
  • source : Itnmagazine
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