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  • Sasha Alex Sloan Releases New Album “Me Again”

  • American singer-songwriter Sasha Alex Sloan released her third studio album “Me Again” on May 17, 2024.

    The album is her first LP in two years since the 2022 album “I Blame the World”.
    Also. it is the first release as an independent artist. She left RCA Records after releasing her sophomore album in 2023.
    Sasha Alex Sloan said, “Suddenly the thing that made me happy, that made me who I was, gave me crippling anxiety.”
    The album comprises a 13-track, featuring a guest appearance from American singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly, and produced by King Henry, Chad Copelin and Noah Conrad.

    Sasha Alex Sloan said of the album, “When I made this album I was in a really dark place personally, professionally etc. My self esteem was the lowest it's been in a long time and I quite honestly didn't even like music anymore. as corny as it sounds I decided to let this album be a way of healing for me. For the first time in a long time I let go of all external pressures and validation and just wrote from the heart. Its a little different from what I've done in the past.”
  • She told EUPHORIA. abiut the album, “I was in a pretty dark place when I made this album. I was going through a rough time with my family who most of this album ended up being about. I was also in a transitional time in my career so I felt like I made this whole record while going through my Saturn return which is probably why it ended up being so depressing lol.”

  • Sasha Alex Sloan explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Me Again”
    “The perspective reflects how I felt writing this whole record. Kind of confused, hopeless, knowing there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but now knowing how things are gonna play out or how I'm gonna get there.”

    “My song to my mom. King Henry (her husband) and I wrote this song about our parents one night after getting emo about life. Sorry for posting about it so much I just love the song (and I'm annoying lol). 'kids' is not to be dramatic but it's one of my favorite songs I've ever written. I hope yall love it as much as I do.”

    “Glad You Did” via EUPHORIA.
    “This is one of my favorite videos I've been a part of. This video is representative of me packing someone's stuff up for them and moving them out of a bad situation. What I didn't realize until I watched it back is how it could also be about me.”

    “This song is a message to someone else although I've definitely been there. King Henry, who I made the album with, started playing this guitar riff and I was like, “Stop what is that?” and then 'Glad You Did' was born. The music video was supposed to look like I'm packing up someone else's things but I kind of like that it also looks like it could be about me because I definitely relate to that song in a lot of ways.”

    “Jimmy started playing this guitar riff and I was like, 'Do you have time to write another one because I really love that...' Luckily, he did and 'Highlights' poured out. This is a song I've been trying to write for a long time. Writing it was a cathartic experience and it makes me emotional every time I listen to it.”

    “Falling Out Of Like” featuring Ruston Kelly via EUPHORIA.
    “I had been a fan of Ruston's for a while so when we got set up to write I was really nervous. The first time we met we wrote this song and I knew I loved it right away. After a couple of months, I mustered up the courage to ask him to stay on it. Luckily, he said yes! It's one of my favorites on the album.”

    “Good Enough” via EUPHORIA.
    “The only song I wrote by myself on the album is “Good Enough,” which I actually wrote when I was sixteen. This felt like the right project for it to come out on.”
  • source : Apple Music
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