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  • Jamie Fine Teams Up With Alicia Moffet for New Song “Never Wanted This” from Debut EP “eight gardengate”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Jamie Fine, who is better known as a member of Canadian duo Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, has joined forces with Quebec-based singer-songwriter Alicia Moffet to release a new song “Never Wanted This”.

    The song is featured on Jamie Fine's debut solo EP “eight gardengate”, which was released on November 4, 2022.
    It was written by Jamie Fine, Richard Beynon, and Alicia Moffet. Produced by Richard Beynon.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Alex P. Smith.
    Jamie Fine told Biff Bam Pop! about the song in an interview, “That was one of the first songs we started together and we knew that we wanted this 80s vibe. It's funny because we wrote it before Stranger Things and 'Running Up That Hill' and all that started coming back. We got remotivated with 'Running Up That Hill' regaining its popularity. We got remotivated to revisit the song because we couldn't quite get it yet. The topline, the lyrics, the melody, all that was done. But with the production, there was still something we wanted to do with it. It came at the perfect time. I'd been writing with Alicia for a year or two now and she heard the song and was like 'yes' and I was like 'yes' because I didn't want to ask her. It just organically happened and she put down that second verse and made it her own. We couldn't unhear it. We couldn't hear the song any other way. I love her team and I'm such a big fan of her. I think she's genuinely one of the greatest recording artists, at least in this part of the world that I've ever met. It was an honor to have her on the song. If you heard both versions, you'd be like it has to be the Alicia version.”
  • The debut EP comprises 6-track, produced by Richard Beynon
    Jamie Fine said of the EP, “If you listen to this EP from top to bottom – track one through six – it begins with me in one of the hardest places of my life and ends with me in arguably the best place I've ever been in. being the happiest, feeling the most grounded and surrounded by the best people. It's not just about me going through something, it's about me getting through it and being able to tangibly close a chapter to move on to the next one. I felt it was a great debut solo project to tell my story and set listeners up for the raw, emotional, and honest music they can expect to be getting from me.”

  • She continued, “eight gardengate was my childhood home and it was a place I really relied on for comfort. It was such an important space for me, so when my parents decided to sell it when I was around 26, I was devastated. I felt that I was losing my safe place when I hadn't had to the chance to create my own yet. After it sold, it was almost like this catalyst for a series of difficult things happening, one directly after the other, many of which I talk about throughout the EP. The combination of all of them admittedly felt pretty un-survivable at one point, which is why I thought it was such a fitting title for this project – it was also something I had to let go of.”
  • source : Apple Music
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