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  • Rae Morris Releases New Album “Rachel@Fairyland”: Streaming

  • British singer-songwriter Rae Morris released her third studio album “Rachel@Fairyland” on July 8, 2022.
    It is her first album in four years since the 2018 album “Someone Out There”.
    The record title is named after her MSN handle as a child. The album comprises 11-track, in which, she blends imagined landscapes and physical ones. Rae Morris explained, “I've always been into magical things.”
    The album was written and recorded at her home in North London with her partner Benjamin Garrett, aka Fryars, alongside their close friend Sean O'Hagan of The High Llamas and Stereolab.
    The record was mixed by engineer Shawn Everett in his Los Angeles studio. She said, “We knew we wanted the record to sound like an old film, and he was the only man for the job. We wanted it to be very textual, modern hi-fi music with strings and orchestral sounds.”
    Also, the album is her first project after leaving Atlantic Records. After making most of the album along with Fryars, she signed with another major label RCA Records.
    Rae Morris shared on social media, “At the end of summer 2018 I was dropped by my label and felt pretty lost. For the first time in years I had no one to answer to. I had time to reflect on things. An overwhelming feeling I had was that of being misunderstood. Not just by the tiny industry of music but by society and beyond. I've been a very lucky person and have little room for complaints but we all have frustrations and it felt damn good to find a way to release them. This is the start of a new chapter… the sound of things to come :) great things… the best things I've ever made. The best things WE have made Fryars. Thank you for being my constant light through everything.”
  • Rae Morris explained of some tracks for the album.

    “No Woman Is an Island” via Wonderland Magazine
    “Someone at my old label described me as 'an island', because I didn't go to enough parties or whatever. But really you only share yourself with others if you feel you're being respected.
    This was the first song I wrote as a totally free agent after eight years of being signed to a major label. The experience of that was a little traumatic and I needed to put all of my feelings into a song. I was asked to be everything at once. Women get that a lot. It's good to be independent and out on your own but don't be too independent because that's just rude! That kinda thing. Some record label exec told me I should be smiling more and going to more parties. I hated that. I got it off my chest and moved onto new, brighter pastures with good people who don't focus on stupid things like that.”

    “Low Brow”
    “Low Brow was an opportunity to discuss my sexuality in a way that was more fun and relaxed. I know now everybody's just going to ask me about it every single time.”

  • “Go Dancing” featuring Fryars
    “Go Dancing… a classic tale of two lovers with childcare issues. Inspiration for the song came from Paul Thomas Anderson's iconic Phantom Thread nye scene filmed in Blackpool Tower Ballroom!!! 🎈”

    Rae Morris “Running Shoes”
    “Running Shoes was written a little while before the pandemic. It's about living far away from your family and doing anything to get to them quickly if you needed to🏃‍♀️. It was weird when the restrictions came into effect and needing to run across the length of the country to be reunited seemed plausible suddenly. I did a half marathon in 2019 that kind of wrecked me but I've always loved running. Even just for 4 minutes the other day whilst filming the video, I felt energised and happy afterwards :) ”

    “A Table for Two”
    “On A Table for Two I imagined making a reservation at a celestial restaurant for Ben and me. And whoever dies first will just wait there with a drink for the other one. No matter how long.”

    Background photo by Hollie Fernando
  • source : Apple Music
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