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  • RY X Teams Up With Pegasus Distillerie for New Music Video for “Moths (Night Odyssey)”

  • Australian singer-songwriter RY X teamed up with Pegasus Distillerie in France to release a new music video for “Moths (Night Odyssey)” on September 1, 2023.

    The video was directed by Théo Vincent and Ry X, who filmed in the Sahara desert.
    RY X said, “Deep in the Sahara desert we travelled to create a video piece for this song recorded in the cocoon of late night. Teaming up with french director Theo Vincent we used techniques for the first time to capture the night sky there at these exact co-ordinates. Very special thanks to Pegasus Distillerie for the collaboration bringing the whole team together and making this all happen”
    Théo Vincent said, “Under the stars, in the middle of the desert, a man find a miror. A journey to the heart of the night sky, taking the time to look up and marvel at the world around us. This film is really special for me, it was a real space of freedom and creation. Such a joy to realize our desire to create a film that takes its time in a slow and sober narrative grammar. A 10-meter-diameter mirror built in the middle of the Sahara, filming at 45°C, 70 people on set and a sandstorm later - what an adventure !”
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    Pegasus Distillerie said, “Today, we reach a significant milestone, a moment that we've been eagerly awaiting. We are thrilled to announce the release of our manifesto film - a visual odyssey that transcends the ordinary and takes you on a journey through the night sky.
    This is not just a film. It's a living testament to the essence of Pegasus. It's an exploration of our dreams, a chronicle of our journey. We celebrate the night sky's grandeur and invite you to raise your heads and marvel at the starlit nights.
    As the revelation unfolds, let's pause to celebrate RY X and his music. His commitment to push boundaries and transcend the ordinary, to create something that is both unique and impactful, aligns with our ethos.
    Our narrative intertwines with place, music, and creation. Pegasus finds its rightful home in this setting – an eloquent fusion of craftsmanship, emotion, and innovation. Our film becomes an embodiment of these values, a symphony of flavors and a canvas for emotions.
    This film invites you into our world, a world where each flavor holds a universe of stories, and each story is a voyage through the realms of taste and emotion.
    Today, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Let's explore this vast universe together, let's taste the infinite, and let's dream beyond the stars. The adventure is just beginning.”
  • source : YouTube
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