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  • Fall Out Boy Releases New Album “So Much (For) Stardust”

  • American rock band Fall Out Boy, consisting of Patrick Stump (vocals/rhythm guitar), Joe Trohman (lead guitar), Pete Wentz (bass) and Andy Hurley (drums), released their eighth studio album “So Much (For) Stardust” on March 24, 2023.

    The album is their first LP in five years since the 2018 album “Mania”.
    Also, the the band returned to their original label Fueled by Ramen and Elektra Records for the first time in 20 years since their debut album “Take This to Your Grave” released in 2003.
    Pete Wentz said, “Our band has been an ongoing art project for twenty years and we know there have been many inception points along that journey. We wanted to create an album that merged those points together – something new, but carved from our foundation. Fueled By Ramen and Elektra seemed like the perfect home for this.”
    Patrick Stump told Apple Music, “There was a feeling that I kind of wanted to get. I don't want it to sound anything like that record, but I wanted to get back to this feeling that we had when we were making it, which was 'I don't know how much longer this'll last.'”
    The album comprises 13-track, featuring guest appearance from American actor Ethan Hawke.
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    On the album, the band reunited with a producer Neal Avron, who also produced their three albums, the 2005 “From Under the Cork Tree”, the 2007 “Infinity on High” and the 2008 “Folie à Deux”.
    Patrick Stump said about Neal Avron, “Neal not only taught us how to make records, but has a unique capacity to really take time and focus on a record. We thought it was a no-brainer to work with him again, on a record where that was very important to us, and he was gracious enough to agree to work with us.”
    Also, Patrick Stump told NEM, “I wanted to imagine what would it have sounded like if we had made a record right after Folie à Deux instead of taking a break for a few years. It was like exploring the multiverse.”

  • The band recorded some parts of the album during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Patrick Stump said, “Technology has made it really easy to make records much more quickly these days. There's nothing wrong with that, and that spontaneity can be exciting. But we wanted to get back to the way we used to work. We wanted to make a record that was really lovingly crafted and deliberate and patiently guided – like someone cooked you a delicate meal. I'm not a very proud guy, but I'm pretty proud of this record.”
    Also, Patrick Stump said in an interview with DORK, “There is a kind of distance to the human experience these days. During the pandemic, there was this forced way of communicating, and I wanted to make a record that was tangible. I wanted to make a record that was touched and was made by hand. The instruments were very much played, and Neal was very serious about getting takes. If I tried to be lazy by suggesting we just tune a line or something, he'd insist we do it properly. I wanted that kind of record, though. It feels like a palate cleanser from this period of impersonal distance.”

    Photo by Pamela Littky
  • source : Apple Music
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