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  • Waterparks Releases New Song “Numb”

  • Last month, American pop-rock band Waterparks, consisting of Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood, announced their fourth studio album “Greatest Hits” will be released on May 21, 2021.
    From the album, the band released the third single “Numb” on March 29th, following “Snow Globe” and “Lowkey As Hell”.
    The song made its first live debut during Waterparks' Anti-Tour live show on March 27th. It was written by Awsten Knight.
    The new album is their first LP in two years since “FANDOM”.
    Back in January, Awsten Knight told Kerrang! about the new album in the interview, “I always want to make something different than before. If I tried to make FANDOM again, it wouldn't work, and people wouldn't like it as much. You're not gonna beat what you've already done for somebody – you're not going to be able to recreate the same thing and have it have the same effect. It's like when you see bands who do a lot of the 10-year tours: it feels like they're trying to recapture that first album all the time, and you're never gonna get that. One, it's a cultural moment, so that's totally out of your hands. And two, everybody that loves it found it at a certain time – when they're more susceptible to new things. The strongest thing that you will almost never beat is their nostalgia for it. It's such a powerful and poisonous thing for art.”
  • Previous Songs “Snow Globe” and “Lowkey As Hell”:

  • source : SoundCloud
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