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  • Dixie D'Amelio Releases New Song “Roommates”

  • American singer-songwriter Dixie D'Amelio unveiled a new song “Roommates” on December 25, 2020.
    She worked with American singer-songwriter Demi Lovato on the track. It was written by Demi Lovato, Mitch Allan, M-Phazes, Brett McLaughlin, Chloe Angelides, and Nick Lopez.
    The song follows up “One Whole Day” featuring Wiz Khalifa, which was released earlier this month.
    She has already shot the music video directed by Chandler Lass, which will be premiered shortly.
    Dixie D'Amelio shared on social media, “this is something i've wanted to share with you for a little while now. it's called ROOMMATES and it was written by Demi Lovato, Mitch Allan, M-Phazes, Brett McLaughlin, Chloe Angelides, and Nick Lopez. Demi wrote this beautiful poem that was turned it into a song, and i love it. but some of you are going to hear it and complain that this is my third song attached to being sad or depressed. mental health is something I really struggle with everyday and music has become the best way for me to express this. i would love to continue talking to you guys about mental health awareness because it really is so important. i've struggled getting the courage to open up in the past, but over time I hope to get more comfortable… I love working with music and sharing it and so I will continue to do what I love because I know there are many who can relate.”
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    • Nhe13bRNKbs

    She continued, “anxiety and depression have taken over my life this year and to the point where sometimes the only thoughts in my mind are to not be here anymore. it's not that i'm ungrateful, but it's been so hard to see how many amazing things are going on in my life when my mind just isn't in the right place. this year in particular, the internet and its negative commentary played a big part. and not only for me, but so many others. i realize that i shouldn't read comments and i'm working on that. i'm also working on how to show my true self every day and not spend time on trying to look 'perfect' for the internet (even if i look musty lol.)
    thank you to all of my followers and those who continue to be supportive of me. you are the reason i keep creating and continue doing what i love... so yeah enough of that because i don't like talking about my feelings lol...but I do like singing them I guess. the reason i'm so excited to share this single is because in my own way, i truly relate to the meaning behind this song. i love the way it makes me feel.
    for those of you who connect with the song too, share it and lets talk about it, i love you all. merry Christmas, happy holidays and i sure as fuck hope 2021 is better than 2020 🤍”
  • source : Spotify
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