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  • Emmrose Releases New Song “Ballad For The Boy Next Door”

  • New York-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Emmrose has released a new song “Ballad For The Boy Next Door”.
    The song is the second single off after her debut album “Hopeless Romanticswas”, which was released last March. It was written by Emma Torrison and produced by Michael Abiuso.
    The track features soft tones, slowly and an emotive yet confident melody. “Ballad for the boy next door was inspired by the fear of rejection and how it takes a lot of courage to tell someone you like about how you feel,” Emmrose said of the song. “I went back to a time in my life when I always wanted a clear sign before I would tell a crush I liked them, I would honestly want some crazy magical thing to happen so I knew I wasn’t making a major mistake. The optimist in me said go for it, and the pessimist said that the other person would never feel the same way. The song ends realizing that you should just go for it, and if it doesn’t work out, cry and move on. I think it’s really important to be honest with the people you.”
  • Producer/engineer Michael Abiuso said, “This was the first time back in the studio with Emmrose in-person. In addition to feeling excited, I also felt kind of fragile and very sponge-like to all energies that filled the room including her vocal takes; so much so that I think we ended up keeping a bunch of performances and blended them all together. There are seven vocals in unison on the chorus. Similarly, I wanted to capture all of these raw organic elements as they were happening, so if you listen closely, there is a good amount of what I considered “pleasant flaws” – a lot of dry instruments, basically no processing on the drums, no tuning. Although a lot of nontraditional production methods, I’m really hoping they resonate with listeners as much as Emmrose’s lyrics, voice, and compositions.”
  • source : Pressparty
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