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  • BYLAND Releases New Album “Gray”: Streaming

  • New Mexico-based cinematic folk project of Alie Byland, BYLAND released their sophomore album “Gray” on October 2, 2020.
    The album contains 10-track featuring preceding single “Mine”, “Believe” and “Passed Me By”.
    It is their first LP in two years. The album blends cinematic sound, American traditional folk sound and electro-folk sound.
    Alie Byland shared on social media, “This record talks so much about PROCESSING, sifting, saying no, saying yes, believing in the good in ourselves. It's about recognizing that we can feel two things at once - disappointment, but also gratitude - frustration, but also growth. ⁣
    I'm just really glad that over a year ago we decided to fully invest into these songs. They bloomed. ⁣
    It's an incredible experience to work hard and be so proud of what you made and then share that will others. I really believe you'll love 'GRAY'⁣”
  • She wrote of the album, “⁣I remember writing each of these songs - some were with Jake, some were just me on the bathroom floor with my guitar and the acoustic.
    I was struggling to be present in each of those moments, often feeling two things at once as I wrote. I felt frustration as well as gratitude - anger as well as love.
    ⁣We wanted to preserve those conflicted, discovered, broad and messy emotions throughout the recording and production process, keeping the songs honest, genuine and full, even when we added more.
    ⁣I love how cinematic and big the record feels, because to me, it symbolizing the internal expanse we can occupy within ourselves. These songs breath, reminding me to feel, validate and move forward.
    I hope you love them. If you do, please breathe as you listen and then share the crap out of them.
    xo, ALie.y”
  • source : Apple Music
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