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  • Sad Alex Teams Up With Gnash for New Song “i'm glad that you found someone”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Sad Alex teamed up with American rapper Gnash to releases a new song “i'm glad that you found someone”.
    The song follows up “sfs” released on August 14th. This marks Sad Alex and Gnash have collaborated since her single “Wash Your Hands” released back in April.
    Sad Alex said of the song, “you know in movies when past lovers run into each other one always says "i just want you to be happy." well my ex found someone new and i want him to be a lot of things.... happy is not one of them. stung by a bunch of bees... sure. exposed to a non lethal std.... you bet. but not happy. this song is a reflection of that. if your ex found someone new i want you to let out all your sadness and anger and scream this chorus at the top of your lungs.”
    “We hold onto many things that happen longer than we should. I immediately connected with ‘i’m glad that you found someone’ because I had all of these feelings a couple years ago over some personal stuff,” Gnash said. “Even though this doesn’t align with my life right now, the feeling was very real to me at one point, and I let this song be a cathartic release for those emotions I had been accidentally bottling up for no reason. I’m so grateful that Alex asked me to be on this feature because I realize now it’s unhealthy to hold onto resentment like that, and hopefully it lets other people out there somewhere do the same.”
  • source : SoundCloud
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