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  • Agent blå Releases New EP “Atopos”: Streaming

  • Swedish alt-pop band Agent blå released their sophomore EP “Atopos” via Kanine Records on October 2, 2020.
    The EP contains 3-track and follows up their 2019 album “Morning Thoughts”. The band said of the EP, “Our process is something that strangely felt like growing up and going back to our roots at the same time. We shed our old skin to start something new and fresh, but also embraced the DIY approach we had when we first started the band and on the first album.” Vocalist Emelie Alatalo continued, “Each member of the band adds their own layer to the sound, each addition bringing a new unique perspective. Nothing would sound the same if you removed one of us from the writing process.”
    The band explained track by track for the EP below.
  • “Atopos”
    “Alatalo is about heartache and fostering the thought that youʼre deservant of it, because thatʼs what youʼve been taught.”

    “Lay in my Arms”
    “‘Lay In My Arms’ is about the gentle touch of a mother, and feeling like youʼve betrayed it,” explained Emelie. “Itʼs influenced by a lullaby my mother used to sing to me when I couldnʼt sleep. Growing up is scary and sometimes you just want your mother to take your hand and sing away all the stupid mistakes youʼve made.”

    “It’s not about the sexual frustration, it’s about the frustration of not being fucked up.”
  • source : SoundCloud
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