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  • Same Gods Releases Debut Album “Worried Eyes”: Streaming

  • New York-based alt-rock band Same Gods released their debut album “Worried Eyes” on July 10, 2020.
    The album contains 7-track including preceding singles “Remission”, “In Circles” and “Worried Eyes”. The sound is '90s alternative rock and heavy metal vibe.
    “Two standout elements of this album and project are that one, every band member is seasoned, having written, recorded, and toured for years with other successful groups, and two, that we had no deadline at all and basically unlimited access to multiple recording studios,” Same Gods said of the album. “The reason number one is so important is because we were all able to trust each other’s creative intuition equally, and each song is a reflection of equal input.”
    The band continued, “It allowed us to move beyond egos and trends and into what we really cared about, which was making something that we hoped would have artistic value beyond just existing as a product. The reason number two was so important was that it enabled us to experiment endlessly, from ruthless arrangement scrutiny to trying every oddball recording technique under the sun in order to arrive upon the songs and the tones we felt would establish our musical and sonic fingerprints. Upon reflection, the album is the result of a lesson in trust and restraint that took a number of incredibly lengthy and creatively satisfying twists and turns along the way.”
  • Frontman Jon Davis explained three singles below.
    “Remission” is special to us because it was the first demo we passed around and the first full song we completed as a group. We were all proud of the identity it established and the process it helped to define for us. It was an older demo of Brendon’s originally, and it really set the project in motion.”

    “In Circles”
    “The lyrics for ‘In Circles’ were inspired by winter in Upstate New York I noticed a pattern when I looked back over the years at demos of songs that made the cut and they were all written between January and March. There’s a time just before spring when you’re not sure you can take it anymore. You’re sick of drinking the gray days away, you’re sick of your friends, there’s no end in sight, you’re spinning concentric circles around the drain. So naturally, trapped indoors with nothing else to do I write almost all of my music — including ‘In Circles.'”

    “Worried Eyes”
    “I wrote the lyrics for Worried Eyes over the course of that year while traveling for work. Most of the record was written in hotel rooms with a bottle of whiskey and the distinct sense of loneliness. I was reading a lot of Steinbeck at the time and he managed to seep into the record. The album title, Worried Eyes, was based on a passage from The Grapes of Wrath.”
  • source : New Noise Magazine
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