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  • Alisan Porter Releases New EP “The Ride”

  • American singer-songwriter Alisan Porte released her new EP “The Ride” on June 21, 2024.

    The EP is her first body of work in five years since the 2019 album “Pink Cloud”.
    The EP comprises a 6-track, featuring a guest appearance from Drew McKeon, produced by Tommy King, Tim Walsh, Stephan Hovsepain, Alisan Porter, and Drew McKeon.
    On the EP, Alisan Porter delves into love, loss, and everything.

    Alisan Porter said of the EP, “There was a time when I was ready to give up my “dream” until I realized my dream has always been my reality. I'm extremely proud of this body of work. It takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of life love and everything in between.”
  • Alisan Porter told Woman's World about the process of recording, “A lot of things came from just getting inspired and singing into the phone. I probably have a gazillion of those voice memos from when I'm driving or in the middle of the night. Some of them were whispered into my phone because I didn't want to wake up my husband. Lately, if I am Inspired or if an idea hits, I just run. First of all, I'm at the age where if I don't, I forget immediately, and secondly, I just feel like it's so much more magical now than it ever was for me.”

  • She shared on social media, “This amazing guy is the reason you are hearing new music from me, my number one fan and supporter Ben Klein. My Papa has been there since the first commercial auditions at 3 and he is here just as present 40 years later. Championing my talent and my passions as he always has. After a show a year and a half ago he said, 'keep going, You have to'. So. I did. With his help we plugged away and planned and schemed and worked as a team to make this EP great. I did it because he allowed me. He never made me feel like I should have been something other than exactly what I am. He is and will always be the single most special person in my life. There is nobody like him. Thank you papa. This one is for you.”

    Alisan Porter explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Rivers Dry” via Woman's World
    “'River's Dry' was a little clip that I sent to a girlfriend of mine. She's an amazing writer, and I was like, “I love this idea. What do you think?” And she sent me back the song, basically.”

    “The Ride” via Woman's World
    “'The Ride' started as voice notes where I had woken up in the middle of the night and sang a chorus, and then I called my cowriter and said, 'Okay, I have this idea. Let's flesh it out.'”

    “'Bleedin' is a song about the loss of a partnership. It was initially inspired by a friends divorce but after further investigation its really just a song about loss and letting go and knowing when to walk away from a toxic environment.”

    “See In The Dark”
    “'See in the Dark' is a coming of age. It's about learning to love without codependency or enmeshment. It's about learning to lean in to healthy love and releasing expectations of perfection for fantasy and learning to love what is.”

    “Meant For Me”
    “'Meant for Me' is about your person. It's about weathering storms and persevering. It's about the good even when it's bad.”

    Photo by Jen Rosenstein
  • source : Apple Music
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