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  • Gracie Abrams Releases New Album “The Secret of Us”

  • American singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams released her sophomore album “The Secret of Us” on June 21, 2024 via Interscope Records.

    This marks her first album in a year since the 2023 debut album “Good Riddance”.
    The album comprises a 13-track, featuring a guest appearance from American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.
    She worked with Aaron Dessner of American rock band The National on the album as with her debut album.
    She wrote most of the songs with either Aaron Dessner or her frequent co-writer Audrey Hobert.
    Also, Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift co-produced the fifth track “us.”, as well as Sam de Jong co-produced the 13th track “Close to You”.

    Gracie Abrams told SPIN about working with Aaron Dessner, “Aaron Dessner is an expert at letting the narrative carry the story. He's reminding me constantly of the importance of space and room in my life and in music. This is a pop album for sure, but he also really brought sensitivity to it.”
  • Gracie Abrams told Apple Music about the album, “I think the most important thing with songwriting, and it's what we really wanted to do with this album, is just if you can articulate a feeling. I've always worked with people who I genuinely love and trust. And so, it's been such a privilege that that's been the baseline for me, because I know that that's a really rare thing for young musicians—for musicians, period.”

    She added, “I hope I'll always feel like I'm chasing the next best version or whatever I actually need for myself at any given time with each album that I'm lucky enough to make. But this [album] just matched where I'm at in such a real way.”
  • Gracie Abrams explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Audrey and I wrote 'Risk' on our couch at home. Aaron produced the sh*t out of it. Abby shot the cover. Audrey Hobert wrote the treatment and directed the video. This is fully hers. Working together on set and at home on our couch is the most fun I have ever had in my life. She is brilliant in all the ways. Love you Aud. We hope you all love our song.”

    “​us.” featuring Taylor Swift via Vogue
    “We sat down and were listening to snippets of things that Aaron had sent. We both immediately perked up at the beginning of this one sketch, which ended up being part of the instrumental for the song we wrote. So we said, 'Holy shit,' and went to the piano and wrote it in real time by drunkenly banging on the piano until 5 a.m. And we made something we both love a lot. So it was totally spontaneous. It wasn't like a planned thing, which is great.
    Totally. She had said, 'Oh my God, this feels like a Nashville writing session.' I've never known that, but fuck yeah! That feels like the right way to explain whatever this was.”

    “Good Luck Charlie”
    “Good Luck Charlie” is about the witnessing the end of a relationship between two friends, “having a lot of love for both people … half mourning it and half wishing well for everyone involved.”

    “Close To You”
    “I wrote Close To You seven years ago and we made a demo that i posted 20 seconds of and you somehow cared about it enough for us to revisit the song seven years later. Close To You was not initially a part of TSOU - it's from a different time entirely, we had finished the whole record top to bottom, but i heard you loud and clear. consider this one a bonus track pre-deluxe??”

    Photo by Abby Waisler
  • source : Apple Music
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