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  • Bring Me The Horizon Releases New Album “POST HUMAN: NeX GEn”

  • British rock band Bring Me The Horizon, consisiting of Oliver Sykes (vocals), Matt Kean (bass), Lee Malia (guitar) and Matt Nicholls (drums), released the seventh studio album “POST HUMAN: NeX GEn” on May 24, 2024.

    The album is the second installment of the Post Human series, which is a four-part project, and is the first LP in four years since the 2020 album “Post Human: Survival Horror”.
    Also, it is the last album, featuring keyboard player Jordan Fish, who left the band in late 2023, before the release of the record.
    But Jordan Fish has songwriting credits on seven of the 16 tracks.
    The album comprises a 16-track, featuring guest appearances from AURORA, Underoath, Lil Uzi Vert and Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw.
    Produced by Oliver Sykes, Jordan Fish, Zakk Cervini, Dan Lancaster, BloodPop, Evil Twin, and Daidai.

    The band frontman Oliver Sykes said of the alnum, “It's a real concept album, with a full narrative that connects to the first record, but the concept is hidden and buried. Some people aren't going to be interested, but for some people it could be like a self-help book. There's a lot of things in there, some of it's quite clear, but a lot of it cryptic and hidden. People are gonna have to work it out.”
  • The band keyboard player Jordan Fish told Kerrang! about “Post Human” series, “We're on a journey of doing different types of records, which we set ourselves up to do thinking we'd get through it really quickly, and it hasn't panned out that way for a number of reasons. We're working on four Post Human records and we've been working on them all at the same time; one of the reasons why it's taken longer is that we've done stuff for the third and fourth ones as well. The fourth one is where we want to explore the more heavy stuff, so in a way it limits how much we want to go heavy on this one. You don't want them all to sound the same and you want to be confident in your conviction of going all-in on a style. It's been a bit challenging working out how to do heavy-ish stuff on the record that doesn't feel necessarily 'metal' heavy.”

  • Bring Me The Horizon explained about some tracks for the album.

    Jordan Fish: Usually on the singles we're looking for something that'll help people who don't necessarily like our band - or know our band - engage with it. That's part of the reason, I know it's not a particularly artistic one, but catchy songs end up being singles. Compared to DiE4u and sTraNgeRs, it's very emo-y feeling. That's kind of one of the themes of the record musically, it goes a bit more there compared to the other two. It's a bit more fun and upbeat compared to other songs we've done. Both Die4u and sTraNgeRs are more like ballads, so doing something a bit more upbeat and fun was cool. It was either that or do something slightly heavier, and we've got some heavier stuff coming on the rest of the record, so it felt like a good thing to drop now. We'll see if we're right!”

    Oliver Sykes: “​The song came out of a long writing trip in LA, and as soon as the lyric 'we're just a room full of strangers' came it took on such a deeper double meaning – how it would feel to be performing it live as that's what it is.. all strangers connecting on this mad level.. and that it was like rehab. Coming out of lockdown and the pandemic, everyone is recovering from something and I'm so aware that so many people struggle daily with differing traumas, and just wanted to stress that they're not in this alone… and we're a community here to help each other.”

    Oliver Sykes: “I'm tackling the song as if this unhealthy obsession I have is a relationship - almost like a mistress. I've learned over the past year while I've been recovering that when you're in it, addiction is like you're having an affair. You're doing this thing behind everyone's back, it's a secret and it feels like you're cheating and betraying people. I never saw it in that way. I just thought I was harming myself and not other people. I didn't realise how much it can fuck up people's trust. This song is triumphant for me in a way because it's me finally accepting that I'm not someone who can drink alcohol, smoke weed or do any of these things because I just have a problem with it and it always goes down the same road. That's not something that I've been able to admit to myself. This song is a defiant stamp of me saying, 'No, I'm making a choice now. I can't keep doing this for the rest of my life because it's only going to end up one way.”

    Photo ny Vasso Vu
  • source : Apple Music
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