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  • Billie Zizi Returns With New Song “A Picture of a Picture”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Billie Zizi returned with a new song “A Picture of a Picture” on May 15, 2024.

    The song is her first music in eight years since the 2016 debut album “Moon of Honey”.
    Billie Zizi wrote early on in the pandemic as she pondered the “ephemeral nature of existence.”
    The track was written and produced by Billie Zizi, with production by Austin Parachoniak.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Fairy Ring.

    Billie Zizi said of the song, “Even the most significant memories can slide into obscurity. [A Picture of a Picture] is about searching for the lost memory of love and finding it only in fragmented shadows. Like a ghost, longing paces the imprint of the heart and lives in the recesses of one's mind, dull and intractable, a diffused grief - AKA when you break up and you can barely remember their smile but you’re longing for that ecstasy in the sunshine, that young love feeling, oblivion.”
  • Photo by Julio Assis
  • source : Apple Music
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