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  • Luke Hemmings Announces New EP “boy”, Shares New Song “Shakes”

  • Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer lead singer Luke Hemmings ha announced his new EP “boy” will be released on April 26, 2024 via Arista Records.

    The EP is his first project in three years since the 2021 first solo album “When Facing the Things We Turn Away From” and comprises a 7-track.
    Luke Hemmings shares on social media, “I wrote these songs at a moment in my life when I found myself questioning everything I thought I knew about the world & myself. All the emotions, fears and grief that came with it.”
    From the EP, Luke Hemmings released the first single called “Shakes” on March 8, 2024.
    It was written by Luke Hemmings, and Sammy Witte who also produced the track.
    Luke Hemmings said of the song, “'Shakes' was written on a dreary NYC evening in between long periods of being on the road. This made it come naturally to write from a melancholy place and feeling of yearning to be back home and feeling lonely and emotionally depleted. There is a longing for love and self-acceptance in the lyrics and I hope it to be a song and feeling that anyone listening can find themselves in and attach their own story.”
  • Luke Hemmings told Billboard about the writing process, “'Shakes' was written like maybe a year ago at this point and it started in New York. I already had like a few ideas for the album from like writing on the road and like a lot of it was written in hotels and like planes and all the sad boring places. That's where a lot of it came from, but very introspective, and this was written the course is written in New York and it was like experimenting with pitching my voice. That's why the chorus kind of sounds like me, but it also has like other layers of like pitch vocals. Anyway, very boring nerdy stuff but I was getting like more just trying out stuff so experimenting with different perspectives first album was very like coming from what I my experiences and like, how I see things so I was like, let's try something else not thinking that it would turn out to be the first single and then like nine months later wrote the verses for it. And I was trying to just listen to a lot of like, The Verve, Blur, M83 and Beach House, and stuff. So that's kind of where the inspiration came from. But the way I write this for this project is very chaotic. So it will be like I'll write a piece here, and then like, won't write anything, the rest of it for like, nine months, so it'll like turn out to be this mish mash of a story but it still has that same emotional feeling. It's very, it's very frustrating way to work, but it just works for this solo thing.”
  • He continued to say of the EP in the interview, “The first album was very in COVID. It's very extenuating circumstances for everyone. But I was sort of figuring out what the sound was at that point and this upcoming project and a bunch of songs is very closer to what I think the project should be. I was experimenting all the time, that's kind of the point of that, to have like a little playground to play in outside of what I know really well, which is the band so the whole point is to experiment with different lyrics and sounds and emotions and all of that stuff. So it definitely is it's even though I said it was a frustrating way to work. It is very fun and it's like rewarding after COVID and all of that making the first album. It was I fell in love with that process and the challenge of making stuff on my own and that's why we're here.”

  • source : Apple Music
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