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  • Holly Munro Releases Debut EP “Up Against Your Nature”

  • Irish singer-songwriter Holly Munro released her debut EP “Up Against Your Nature” on November 3, 2023.

    The EP comprises 4-track, written by Holly Munro and Luke Potashnick. Produced by Luke Potashnick.
    Holly Munro said of the EP, The songs are all a celebration of the journey and sense of relief that comes with choosing your own path towards self compassion and love. I’m so grateful to be working with the lovely team at Kartel Music Group to bring this to life.”
    She continued, “While the stories behind these songs are personal to me, I hope that the message they convey inspires others on their own journey of self-discovery, resilience, and self-compassion”.
  • Holly Munro explained track-be-track for the EP.

    “Give Yourself Love”
    “I remember writing most of it one evening when I stumbled home after a long day. My mental health was in a rough spot, and it was taking a toll on how I treated myself. But that night, something magical happened. I sat down at my piano, and then these lyrics popped into my head: 'Give in, show yourself love today.' It was like this universal wisdom saying, 'hey, it's alright, kind to yourself and everything else will sort itself out.' The early demo version of the song was way slower than what you hear now but when myself and my producer Luke Potashnick brought it into the studio its tempo increased and transformed it into a real celebration! It became less of a slow, contemplative tune and more of an energetic anthem.”

  • “Glow Up”
    “This song is a reminder that we all have our struggles and moments of self-doubt, but there's so much beauty and meaning in each of us”.

    “Open Ended”
    “I think there is one line that really captures the essence of the song: "The things I thought would kill me, I've befriended, nothing's ended". That lyric holds so much meaning because it's about breaking free from self-limiting beliefs and fears that hold us back. It's about realising that we have the ability to be our best selves and achieve great things. I wrote 'Open Ended' during the month of April, and I think you can feel a sense of springtime renewal throughout the track. It's like a fresh start, a time for growth and transformation. There's this underlying theme of possibility and the idea that no matter what we've been through, there's always an option to heal and move in a different direction.”

    “The Water”
    “This song is all about showing gratitude for the cleansing and transformative power of water. I wrote it in the shower and was reflecting on how water has this incredible ability to wash away the weight of the world.”
  • source : Apple Music
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