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  • blink-182 Releases New Album “ONE MORE TIME...”

  • American rock band blink-182, consisting of Mark Hoppus (bass/vocals), Tom DeLonge (guitars/vocals) and Travis Barker (drums), released their ninth studio album “ONE MORE TIME...” on October 20, 2023 via Columbia Records.

    It is their first album in four years since the 2019 album “Nine”.
    Also, the album is the first release to feature Tom DeLonge since his return to the band.
    Tom DeLonge has left the band twice, 2005 and 2015. His last recording with band was the 2011 album “Neighborhoods” and the 2012 EP “Dogs Eating Dogs”.
    This time, Tom DeLonge decided to return to the band after Mark Hoppus received a cancer diagnosis in 2021.
    The album comprises 17-track, produced by Travis Barker. The trio recorded the album across 2022 and 2023 in the midst of their reunion tour, and most of the album was recorded at Travis Barker's personal studio.
    This time, guitarist Matt Skiba, who recorded with band two albums the 2016 “California” and the 2019 “Nine” replacing Tom DeLonge, didn't join recording the new album.
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    Tom DeLonge told Zane Lowe of Apple Music, “When he (Mark Hoppus) told me he was sick, that was the gnarliest. It was like nothing matters really. For me it was always heavy on my heart that our friendship wasn't mended. All of us have lived through tragedies now that tear apart places in your heart and you've got to mend them back together and figure out how to be a better version of yourself."
    He continued, “I feel like there's a real sense of brotherhood with us. Like any brothers, you have your little spats over the years, and you grow apart. You come back together. You've always got a foundation, you're connected. You're still inseparable energetically.”
    Travis Barker said of Tom DeLonge's comeback, “I always knew that the brotherhood wouldn't ever deteriorate or wouldn't be there. I really feel like Blink is us three, and as soon as can accept that and don't expect anything less than that, I think that's the future.”
    Mark Hoppus said, “Every single time that we've just put our heads down and done our own thing and write music that the three of us love, that's important to us—it has served us well.”

  • Photo by Jack Bridgland
  • source : Apple Music
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