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  • Miranda Joan Releases New Song “Bada Bing!” featuring CARRTOONS

  • Brooklyn-based Canadian singer-songwriter Miranda Joan teamed up with New York-based producer CARRTOONS to release a new song “Bada Bing!” on September 8, 2023.

    The song will appear on her upcoming sophomore album “Overstimulated”, which is expected to be released in 2023.
    Originally intended as a one song collaboration with Ben Carr, aka CARRTOONS, but she has worked with him on the new album.
    Miranda Joan said of the album, “It is an album book-ended by songs of affirmation, of rooting, of returning to and loving oneself, intertwined with the messy, chaotic and interconnected web of my hopes, dreams, imagination, love, and heartache.”
    The track was written and produced by Miranda Joan, with production by CARRTOONS.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Gigi Nettles.
    Miranda Joan said of the video, “Ok, where do I start? This was another brainchild à la “I Love You, Dwayne” where I had an idea of what I wanted it to be and ran with it. I knew the visuals were going to be the opportunity to land the Sopranos of it all and so we committed to the bit.”
  • She continued, “Gigi Nettles is the madman behind the visuals who took my idea and leveled it up. He's also a massive fan of the show, and so the video is filled with references to the series from start to finish. It begins with a recreation of the intro scene which is a drive from New York into New Jersey and ends with the final scene of Tony's last look that concludes the TV series. I knew I wanted to dress up as Tony, lean over my giant bowl of pasta, drive to New Jersey and dance around in front of some landmark locations of the show including The Bing and that is exactly what we did.”
    She said, “We shot the video in two days. The first day of shooting was myself, Gigi and Ben (CARRTOONS) at my house in Brooklyn. We converted the living room into a pseudo therapy office where CARRTOONS and I acted out the Dr Melfi (therapist) and Tony Soprano dynamic in the show. It made sense to me to switch the roles because, for starters, I wanted to be Tony, but if we're going to get into it, so much of this process of producing a record with Ben has been us sitting together in a room, almost weekly, for a couple years, and talking, working out ideas and making music. This record has a lot of my personal life in it, my heartache, my dreams, my joy, my pain, and in working together on all of this music, we developed a true friendship. So! I woke up at 9am, channeled my Italian ancestors, started cooking a red sauce, made a massive lunch spread (s/o Saraghina), and after our therapy session in the living room, we sat down and had a feast, which you see in the video.”

  • She said, “The second day of shooting was myself, Gigi and a friend who kindly offered to drive us to New Jersey so we could recreate the intro scene and then spend the rest of the day on a Sopranos pilgrimage where we mapped out a few iconic locations from the show to shoot. As a fan of the show, this day was particularly exciting. The first destination was Pizzaland where, around the corner, Gigi got a hot dog from a vendor NAMED TONY who gave me the lollipop that I used in place of a cigar for the intro scene. From then on, we knew there was going to be some magic that day, and I think there was.
    The pilgrimage concluded at The Bing (aka Satin Dolls) which is an actual strip club in Jersey. We made it to the parking lot for a couple scenes in front of the club, which is where the album art photo was taken, and then the sky opened and wrapped our day. We got everything we needed and it was truly a blast.”
    She added, “Gigi shot and edited the video, took the album art, and wielded an appetite unlike anything I've ever seen. He's a true force and it was a joy to work on this project with him.”

    Photo by Evan Shay
    Background photo by Gigi Nettles
  • source : Apple Music
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