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  • Blusher Releases Debut EP “Should We Go Dance?”

  • Melbourne-based pop trio Blusher, consisting of Miranda Ward, Lauren Coutts and Jade Ingvarson-Favretto, released their debut EP “Should We Go Dance?” on July 14, 2023 via Atlantic Records/Warner Music Australia.

    The EP comprises 5-track, produced by Hamish Patrick, Lauren Coutts, and Robby De Sa.
    Blusher said of the EP, “Our debut EP feels like the ultimate night out with your friends. It's packed with grit, glitter, confidence and chaos. Each track correlates to a different part of the night; getting ready together, crush confessions in the bathroom, and yelling with your friends in the middle of the dance floor. Should We Go Dance? encapsulates the wonderful range of emotions that we put on full display within female friendships.”
    They added, “"Most of the music was created in Lauren's bedroom while we drank lots of tea and spilled all our secrets. Writing this EP was such a fun combination of forces. We swapped instruments, read from each others' journals, and layered all our vocals together to create what we call the 'fourth member of the band'. Lauren is head chef of production, Jade is a vocal melody machine and Miranda can write basslines in her sleep.”
  • Blusher explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Softly Spoken”
    “A great night always begins by getting ready in your friends' bedroom; sharing makeup, secrets and your frustrations while deciphering texts from boys. Softly Spoken combines softness and sensitivity with screams and aggressive synths.”

    “Dead End”
    “'Dead End' had its origin story rooted in nostalgia, reminiscing on their formative experiences in nightlife culture. “Miranda told the story of using a fake ID to get into sticky-floored dive bars (and crying the night she got caught). We pictured a run-down club called the Dead End, where you find yourself on a Tuesday night having a terrible and fantastic time.”

  • “Backbone”
    “We wanted to sing about the way that heartbreak can strengthen and empower friendships. It's a fiery, energetic love song to the friends who have your back through it all. Backbone is aptly named, its themes of power, confidence and deep friendship are the foundation of our band.”

    “You're cutting shapes in pink-lit clouds, yelling to your friends over the music. Limelight is the point in the night when you muster the courage you need to confess your feelings to your crush, down a drink, and lead them onto the dancefloor. This song started from a bassline while we were channeling the Black-Eyed Peas. We were writing together in Lauren's bedroom on a Friday night, and after a few hours decided to take the advice of our own lyrics and go out for a drink and a dance, mid-session.”

    Photo by Tom Lewis
    Background photo by Katy Roubin
  • source : Apple Music
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