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  • Declan McKenna Premieres New Song “Sympathy” on BBC Radio 1

  • British singer-songwriter Declan McKenna premiered a new song “Sympathy” along with a music video on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Jack Saunders.

    The song is his first music in three years since the 2020 album “Zeros”.
    The track was written by Declan McKenna, and Gianluca Buccellati who also produced it.
    “Sympathy doesn’t have a complex message, and, in itself, encourages simplicity and directness," Declan McKenna said of the song. "It feels like a dream about love and compassion, it wants us to let go of inhibitions and allow ourselves to truly connect with others rather than overthinking and hiding your feelings away. Or put even simpler, it’s about peace and love.”
    Declan McKenna wrote and recorded the song in Los Angeles. And the song will appear on his upcoming third studio album.
  • He told Jack Saunders about the song, “I was in LA when I wrote this and this is like, this was simply such a bright sunny tune. Because it's kind of the first thing that I worked on with Gianluca who I produced a bunch of music with. And it was the first thing pretty much that I wrote when I got there and like, there's like a really dark underbelly to LA, and it's kind of a weird place, but initially I was like it's January, it is terrible back home. It's really lovely here, I'm having a great time and kind of sympathy just came out of that. So that's I think that's why it's a place to start for this because it was I'd already written some of the songs for the album but it felt like the start of like, really getting somewhere with it and really felt like I was actively just letting loose a bit and like opening up to doing things a bit differently.”

  • He said of the album, “I mean, I still make very weird album. This is like just the one that was snippet of it, so but 'Zeros' was a really intense right and I was more going off of just in pure instinct for this album. And I think just making something that just made me feel good, rather than something that felt a little more just intense and really sort of fully thought through like, you know, those kinds of ideas are cool, but can not everything has to be that and I found this time just like letting loose and leaving, ideas in a somewhat primitive state but still having a lot of fun with it just was what was inspiring me. I just I'm not really the type to stick around once I've kind of done something I couldn't really do the same thing again. So I've got an album of a bunch of tunes that have made that has not been announced as anything yet. I think it's gonna be full of surprises for people because it's a new world, this new process.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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