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  • Anne-Marie Drops New Music Video for “UNHEALTHY” featuring Shania Twain

  • British singer-songwriter Anne-Marie has dropped a new music video for “UNHEALTHY” directed by Olivia Rose.

    The song was released from her upcoming third studio album of the same name back in May.
    She worked with Canadian singer-songwriter Shania Twain on the track together.
    The track was written by Anne-Marie Nicholson, CASTLE, Connor McDonough, and Riley McDonough. Produced by Connor McDonough.
    “I thought the only person who makes sense to me in Shania Twain! You know, reach high!,” Anne-Marie told Hits Radio Breakfast's Fleur East about the song. “So we sent it to her and I was like, 'you know what, this probably ain't going to happen', but she replied and said 'I love it, I'm in the UK for one day more, let's get in'.”
    She continued, “We started writing a new song," Anne-Marie revealed: "Just unintentionally (we) went into a new one afterwards, because after we'd finished recording, we were like, 'we didn't really get any videos of us doing it', so she was like, 'let's just do this one thing, I'll play guitar'.”
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    • Nc3dBG1NesE

  • Photo by Cynthia Parkhurst
  • source : Apple Music
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