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  • The Final Clause of Tacitus Releases New EP “The Oxygen Is Killing You”

  • Reading-based funk-rock band The Final Clause of Tacitus, consisting of Matt Dunne (vocals), Tom Burden (guitar), Andy Silva (bass) and Jay Stevens (drums), released their fourth EP “The Oxygen Is Killing You” on June 23, 2023.

    The EP comprises 5-track, recorded and produced by The Final Clause of Tacitus themselves.
    It is their first EP in two years since the EP “Asinine Music for the Solemn and Staid”.
    The EP is massively influenced by old school '90s skate hip hop music, the band mix groove-laden basslines, funky riffs, metal breakdowns and rap vocals with the odd skate-punk shout along thrown in for good measure.
    The band said of their lyrical inspirations behind the EP, “Lyrically, it explores the idea that oxygen, the very thing that's keeping you alive is simultaneously killing you. What you breathe in is what causes you to age, what causes you to slowly decay and eventually die. This can also be applied to some relationships in your life. The one thing you love about someone can be the very thing that is destroying you.”
  • source : Apple Music
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